MeshCentral2 - Load Balancer & Peering Support

MeshCentral2 is a free open source web-based remote computer management solution allowing administrators to setup new servers in minutes and start remotely controlling computers using both software agent and Intel® AMT. The server works both in a LAN environment and over the Internet in a WAN setup. Now, I just released a new version with support for server-to-server peering allowing for improved fail-over robustness and scaling. Some technical details:

  • Servers connect to each-other using secure web sockets on port 443. This is just like browsers and Mesh agents, so you can setup a fully working peered server installation with only port 443 being open.
  • Server peering and mesh agent connections use a secondary authentication certificate allowing the server HTTPS public certificate (presented to browser) to be changed. This allows MeshCentral2 peer servers to be setup with different HTTPS certificates. As a result, MeshCentral2 can be setup in a multi-geo configuration.
  • All of the peering is real-time. As servers peer together and devices connect to the servers, users see a real-time view on the web page of what devices are available for management. No page refresh required.
  • MeshCentral2 supports TLS-offload hardware for all connections including Intel® AMT CIRA even when peering. So, MeshCentral2 servers can benefit from the added scaling of TLS offload accelerators.
  • Fully support server peering for Browsers, Mesh Agents and Intel® AMT connections.
  • The server peering system does not use the database at all to exchange state data. This boosts the efficiency of the servers because the database is only used for long term data storage, not real time state.
  • There is no limit to how many servers you can peer, however I currently only tested a two server configuration.

Note that MeshCentral2 is still in beta and not yet suitable for production use. If you want to try the new server, check out our main MeshCentral2 web site and our NodeJS NPM portal.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire


MeshCentral2 now fully supports server peering. You can now setup two or more servers and
split the MeshAgent/Browser/Intel® AMT connections between the servers.

Because of the new peering design, new connection protocols and authentication architecture,
MeshCentral2 can support a wider range of configurations and fully support TLS accelerators.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.