MeshCentral2 - Installer, MeshAgent2, Map

Today, MeshCentral2 has an even easier and faster way to get setup with a new Microsoft Windows MSI installer. Now, you can download and install MeshCentral2 in a few minutes even if you know nothing about NodeJS, NPM or installing a server. Just download the MSI installer, launch it and answer a few questions. MeshCentral2 will run in the background and turns into your own personal web based remote management solution. It’s never been easier. Because MeshCentral2 supports LAN mode, you don’t even need a fixed IP address or DNS name to run your own server and manage computers on your local network. Here are the highlights this week:

  • New Windows MSI installer, makes MeshCentral2 super easy to install. Once installed, you have the option to keep the server always updated to the latest version. To show this off, we have a new YouTube demonstration video. Goes into details of how the installer works and each of the configuration options. Thanks to Ariel Silverman for his help and expect knowledge on installers that made this possible.
  • Improved MeshAgent2 with child process support. MeshAgent2 runs JavaScript code sent to it by the server. Starting with this version, Bryan Roe added a new system where you can launch a child process that runs JavaScript and have the child and parent communicate using named pipes. This new system is very easy to develop against and causes the parent to be isolated from the child in the event of a crash. This feature will be used in the future to get platform telemetry.
  • Improved MeshAgent2 stability. Lots of work has been done this week to improve the stability of the MeshAgent. Bryan Roe addressed a bunch of critical memory corruption bugs that make this version of the MeshAgent2 the most stable it’s ever been.
  • Set device locations on the map. Thanks to Ganesh Raikhelkar, you can now right click on the MeshCentral2 map view and set one or more device positions manually. This improves that map view considerably by allowing users to set the positions to known devices.

Lots more bug fixes have been included. MeshCentral2 is still marked at “Beta 1”, however, we are nearing a more stable release and expect to move to “Beta 2” shortly. MeshCentral2 should not be used in production environments.


MSI installer demonstration:

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