DevFest: Seven Smart Reasons to Register

IoT Skill-Building, Mentoring and More For Developers – Attend Intel Global IoT DevFest II  Nov. 7-8

The return of Intel’s premier online forum for IoT developers worldwide is only weeks away  – which means it’s time to reserve your place at this virtual conference now.

Intel Global IoT DevFest II will serve up a two-day feast of commercial IoT knowledge and inspiration, featuring more than 100 speakers from Intel and its technology partners, as well other IoT visionaries.  These IoT superstars will cover a wide range of commercial IoT-related topics that fall into four main subject tracks.

DevFest Tracks

The raw IoT expertise headlining DevFest is reason enough to attend.  But if you’re still on the fence, consider these seven additional reasons to register now:

Reasons to Attend  Intel Global IoT DevFest II

1.  DevFest keeps you current with all things IoT.  In case you missed the inaugural event in June, Intel Global IoT DevFest II will help you get current on the latest developments and trends.  DevFest provides a worldwide platform for industry thought leaders, innovators, professional developers, and enthusiasts to contribute their knowledge and insights, engage in deep-dive training, and showcase real-world usages of commercial IoT solutions in action.

2.  DevFest II is bigger and better.  Each day’s activities are extended to 16 hours, for a total of 32 hours – 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. UTC, November 7 and 8.  And that means more keynotes, more presenters, more demos, more participants and more mentoring opportunities.  More of everything you expect from Intel and it’s developer program. Our debut event last June drew participants from 94 countries to hear 46 talks from leading IoT experts; this one will be bigger yet.


3.  Engage in 1:1 mentoring with the leaders in IoT development.  DevFest brings together star IoT innovators who lend their expertise, experience and skills for personal engagement with up-and-coming developers.  These mentoring relationships enrich our development gene pool to improve the overall quality of commercial IoT solutions coming to market.

4.  You don’t have to come to DevFest – it’s coming to you.  To be more inclusive for the worldwide IoT developer community, this next DevFest forum is expanded to accommodate more time zones.  Whatever your working hours, DevFest will provide the IoT expertise and content you need, when you need it.

5.  Connect and collaborate with peers.  DevFest is your opportunity to engage with fellow IoT developers in your areas of interest.  Share tips and tricks, compare ideas and methods, and grow collectively as an IoT development community.

6.  Intel hosts DevFest at no cost to you.  This commercial IoT-focused event is for passionate developers who share a love of creating  their own unique contribution to the Internet of Things.  Through online forums, as well as a vast array of tools, resources and training, Intel strives to nurture your IoT developer skills and talents to their fullest potential.  DevFest is our investment in you.

7.  DevFest is your voice in the IoT community.  DevFest provides you and other IoT developers a voice and opportunity to share projects, be inspired and perhaps even influence others.  Plan to join us as we share knowledge, tools and training to connect the unconnected and build a software-defined autonomous world.

Plan to Attend Intel® Global IoT DevFest II 

It’s almost here: Intel’s premier online forum for all things IoT returns Nov. 7 and 8.  Learn why you should plan to connect with your IoT developer peers worldwide, and meet some of the 100+ industry leaders who will be on hand to share their knowledge and vision. 

 Register now for Intel Global IoT DevFest II

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Drew P. (Intel)'s picture

Are these sessions going to be available on-demand after the event?

Kevin R. (Intel)'s picture

DevFest I videos are available here: 

Stewart C. (Intel)'s picture

The Registration Link is working for me now, maybe try again:   9:45 Monday Morning.

Finn, Simon P (Intel)'s picture

The UK is on winter time (UTC+0) not summer time (UTC+1) during the event.

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