Our Most Popular IoT Developer Stories for October 2017

IoT Triangle

Global IoT DevFest Returns – Bigger & Better

This two-day virtual conference brings together IoT developers of all experience levels. They share their IoT journey, teach and learn in a variety of session topics, and increase their developer skills through one-to-one mentoring opportunities.

Face Recognition Application

How-to Build a Face Access Control Solution

Use this IoT reference implementation to learn to create a facial recognition application.

Computer Vision for IoT

Intel® Computer Vision SDK Developer Guide

Learn about the new SDK from Intel for development and optimization of computer vision and image processing pipelines for system-on-chips (SoC) from Intel.


Remote Device Authentication

How to Authenticate Remote Devices with the DE10-Nano Kit

This beginner-level tutorial shows you how to prepare and authenticate the DE10-Nano board, and then adapt the sample code for your own use.

Intel® System Studio 2018

Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta - Invitation and Product Overview

Move from prototype to product faster using optimizing compilers, highly tuned libraries, analyzers, and debug tools, along with custom workflows and code samples.

Intel System Studio 2018

Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta User Guide for C and C++

Take advantage of example projects to create IoT projects in C and C++ using Intel® System Studio.

IoT Java Development

Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta User Guide for Java*

Use this guide to create IoT projects in Java* using plugins for Eclipse* that allow you to connect to, update, and program on a compatible board.


Create Key and Certificate Files for Encryption and Authentication

Create a set of key files and certificates that can be used to set up encryption and authentication for MQTT-TLS and HTTP-TLS connections.

OSI 7 layer

A Brief Exploration of the OSI 7 Layer Model

Learn about the traditional Open System Interconnection (OSI) 7 layer network model and how the TCP-IP family of IoT protocols work with the model.


Video: Demonstrating MRAA and UPM Examples

Walk through examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the MRAA Library.


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