MeshCentral2 - New Multi-OS Routing Tool

MeshCentral2 is an open source web based remote computer management web site. It provides many features on the web page including remote desktop, files access, remote terminal and much more. However, MeshCentral2 is also a powerful server for connecting any TCP connections over the Internet. This is super useful when doing RDP, SSH, SCP or running any custom tools. Imagine using MeshCentral2 to port map any port on your local computer to any TCP port on any managed computer anywhere on the Internet. This works across proxies, NAT’s and firewalls.

Today, I am announcing MeshCentral2 v0.1.0-f on NPM with the new MeshCommand (MeshCmd) tool. The first feature of the new tool is TCP port mapping, and it is multi-OS running on Windows and many variants of Linux. We have a new demonstration video showing how the tool works. The MeshCmd can be downloaded from an installed MeshCentral2 web site, and used to freely route TCP connections. It’s easy to use and has plenty of interesting applications.

While MeshCommand is interesting, it hide something even more amazing: The way it was built. The MeshAgent2 executable used to manage computers with MeshCentral2 is in reality a light agent with a JavaScript hosting environment. All the smarts is pushed from the server in the form of a JavaScript file. This is already a game changer for computer management. But, there is the additional secret… if you append JavaScript to the MeshAgent2 executable, the agent will run it like a local tool. So, creating new cross platform tools in MeshCentral2 is just a question of appending the right JavaScript to the MeshAgent2 executable. All OS’s that MeshAgent2 is compiled on can also run the new MeshCmd and much more in the future. In fact, MeshCentral2 appends the JavaScript on the fly when you download MeshCmd.exe.

MeshCentral2 is pretty sweet since it’s coded in JavaScript on the browser, server, agent and in tools. Except the agent itself, it’s one language across all components. Fully cross-platform in all cases. Many thanks to Bryan Roe that been working like crazy on the MeshAgent2 and making all of this possible. MeshCentral2 is still in beta and should not be used in production environments.


MeshCommand demonstration:

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