The Best of Modern Code | November

Elena Orlova

Deep Learning for Fast Simulation

Meet student Elena Orlova whose project is teaching algorithms to be faster at simulating particle-collision events.

in situ visualization

SDVis and In-Situ Visualization on Texas Advanced Computing Center's (TACC) Stampede

As data sizes outgrow disk I/O capacity, visualization will be increasingly incorporated into the simulation code (in-situ visualization). Learn how recent work at TACC in is addressing this need.

Konstantinos Kanellis

Cells in the Cloud: Scaling a Biological Simulator to the Cloud

Konstantinos Kanellis helps us to understand how distributed computing works—by breaking large scale complex simulation tasks into smaller parallel tasks.

Oceans of Data

Lab7 Systems* Helps Manage an Ocean of Information

With help from Intel® Parallel Studio XE, find out how Lab7Systems* is finding efficient ways to manage massive amounts of data making life easier for bioinformaticians, scientists, and IT teams.


Intel Accelerates Hardware and Software Performance for Server-Side Java* Applications

Discover performance optimizations for Java* applications that run using the optimized Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and are powered by Intel Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.

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