The Fab Five: Game Developer Content November

Adventure Pals

A Boy and His Giraffe

Read about the journey that started with a favorite illustration and turned into a quirky character game.

Adam Ardisasmita

Intel® Software Innovator Adam Ardisasmita: Teaching Kids through Educational Games

Inspired by a love of video games Software Innovator Adam Ardisamita is working to improve early childhood education using games and technology.

Pepper Grinder

Social Media Can Be an Indie’s Best Friend

Popularity on social media caused this game developer to concentrate on creating a drill- and digging-based game.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest: A Love Letter to Eastern and Western Role-Playing Games

After an initial foray into dancing cats, The Gentlebros* refined CatQuest to be a different kind of role-playing game (RPG)—one where cats are the dominant species.

Unreal logo

How to Get Started in VR with Unreal* Engine

Video and step-by-step instructions on how to create a VR experience using Unreal* Engine.

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