Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for November

New IoT Developer Kits

Announcing Arduino Create* Support for Intel®-Based Platforms and the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit

Use this powerful combination of newly introduced hardware and software to assist you in building high-performance commercial IoT solutions.

Getting Started with Arduino* Create

Get Started with Arduino Create* for Intel-Based Platforms

Follow this guide to start programming your IoT projects using the Arduino Create* Web Editor.

MRA and UPM Libraries

MRAA and UPM Basics in Arduino Create*

Learn how to use MRAA and UPM libraries in Arduino* Create.

UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development

UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit

This rapid prototyping development platform includes integrated software and end-to-end tools that will reduce development time for your intensive computing applications.

Intel Libraries

Using Intel® Libraries in Arduino Create*

This article shows what libraries are available inside of Arduino Create* for Intel®-based platforms running Linux*.

Getting Started with the Grove IoT Kit

UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit Getting Started Guide

Step-by-step directions to connect your board to Arduino Create* and begin working on your commercial IoT solution.

Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA kit

Get Started: Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA Kit

Use this guide to get started with your Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA kit and set up your development environment.

Innovate FPGA Design Contest

Innovate FPGA Design Contest

You can change the world of embedded compute with your innovative FPGA design. Show your creativity and get a free development kit. Submit your design ideas by December 31st, 2017.

IoT Developer Show

IoT Developer Show: October 2017

In this episode, Intel® Evangelists specializing in IoT demonstrate how to collect real-time traffic data and send it to the GE Predix* cloud.

IoT DevFest

Watch the Intel® Global IoT Devfest Video Series

Industry leaders, innovators, and developers share development tips, tutorials, best practices, and discuss the future of IoT.

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Intel IoT

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