Intel® AI Academy: The Future of AI. For All.

Intel AI Academy

The inverted A symbol (∀) is the universal quantifier from predicate logic. It means that a stated assertion holds "for all” instances of the given variable.

The AI developer program team at Intel believes “∀” is the perfect symbol to represent the new Intel® AI Academy. The AI Academy is intended for all developers, data scientists, students and educators who are creating the future of AI. For All.

The Intel® AI Academy is a membership program designed to give developers, data scientists, students and educators the tools they need to shape the future of AI. Members can stay on top of the latest developments in the AI space with learning materials and tools, run their own solutions using Intel cloud technology through the Intel® AI DevCloud, and get feedback and support from peers and experts on their AI projects, and much more.

Intel® AI Academy: Learn, Develop, Share & Teach

The AI Academy offers members a multitude of benefits that fall into the primary categories of learning, developing, sharing and teaching.

AI Academy Member BenefitsLearn – Build your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and get recognized through expert-led training and curated learning paths designed for beginners & experts alike

Develop – Leverage Intel-optimized frameworks, tools and libraries to help you easily deploy AI solutions to solve complex problems.

Share – Keep up to date with the latest AI news, collaborate with experts and peers, and receive support & feedback for your AI projects

Teach – Enhance AI learning with comprehensive courseware, hands-on exercises, and faculty support to develop your student curriculum.

For those who are just interested in exploring the AI Academy prior to becoming a member, there are plenty of basic benefits to be enjoyed with just a visit to the Intel® AI Academy.

Intel® AI Academy: Member Benefits

Whether you’re just starting out, or already an expert, the Intel® AI Academy provides the requisite benefits to help members understand, design, develop, optimize, deploy and teach the future of AI.  To access the full range of benefits, become a member of the Intel® AI Academy by joining now.

Intel® AI Academy for Students

Start seeking tomorrow’s breakthroughs today with the Intel® AI Academy for Students. Drive your own AI journey using curated student kits, learning materials, and university events to help you get started. Visit to learn more about the benefits of the program.

Intel® AI Academy for Professors

Inspire your students to seek tomorrow’s breakthroughs today with the Intel® AI Academy for Professors. Enjoy comprehensive courseware, hands-on exercises and answer keys for the classroom. Visit to learn more about the benefits of the program.


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