Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for December

IoT DevFest

Intel Global IoT DevFest II: The Learning Lives On

Did you miss the industry’s premier celebration of all things IoT? You can now watch the virtual conference presentations online.

Intel® Speech Enabling Developer

Getting Started Guide for the Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit

Use this kit to quickly prototype and bring your products to market using the cloud-based Amazon Alexa* Voice Service.

Analog Gauge Reader

Analog Gauge Reader Using OpenCV in Python*

This sample application takes an image or frame of an analog gauge and reads the value using computer vision.

Heat Sensors

Motion Heat Map Using OpenCV in Python*

Discover useful movement patterns with this application using an OpenCV sample in Python*.

 UP Squared* Board

Edge Data Processing Proof of Concept with the UP Squared* Board

Explore this proof of concept (POC) using edge computing in a digital signage scenario where the display records the number of people viewing it throughout the day.

IoT Developer Show

Watch the Latest Intel® IoT Developer Show

This episode features a facial recognition and detection demo using the Intel® Computer Vision SDK and the OpenCV Library.

Chrome* Tools

Using Chrome* DevTools to Debug Your Remote IoT Node.js* Application

Learn to debug your remote IoT Node.js* applications using Chrome* DevTools in the Chrome browser on your host development system.

Industrial IoT Solutions

A Scalable Path to Commercial IoT Solutions

Here is one stop for all your IoT development needs: Complete dev kits, comprehensive code libraries, tools, and more. Start your project with a suite of flexible solutions that scale quickly.

Amazon Kinesis*

Use Amazon Kinesis* and Amazon Dynamodb* on the UP Squared* Board

Use this guide to communicate with Amazon Kinesis* and DynamoDB* on Ubuntu* using the UP Squared* Board and a Gigabyte* gateway.

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