Video Game Makers Unite Meetup, Austin – December 2017

This month’s meetup was a career-focused lecture on December 14th, headlining the event was Intel® Software Innovator, Timothy Porter, speaking on his career experience and how other developers could apply his experience in their own Technical Artist: What Is It and What’s Next?

Tim, CTO of Underminer Studios, a company focused on creatively solving problems by leveraging leading edge technology solutions, has more than 10 years in the entertainment industry in a multitude of platforms, programs, and markets. The session can be found at the link below. It begins with a background overview and how he began as a tech artist and how others could as well, including the caveat that coders taking on some art duties isn’t as strict as it used to be because of the increasing ease of software use. He goes on to explain the broad requirements of a tech artist’s individual work, as well as the specializations within the career like shading, optimizing, pipeline creation, and generalist distinctions.

Tech artists are the bridge between coders, artists, designers, and management and they need to be able to work with and understand all the groups needs and requirements as well as have the ability to “translate” between them and create a cohesive team. If a person wants to become a tech artist, they should take on extra duties to expand their skill set appropriately, ask lots of questions, and when they fail, do so gracefully. Tim shared that he feels the journey is worth it, as being a mediator who can enhance everyone’s performance is incredibly rewarding.

The slides from the lecture are available here.

Learn more about Video Game Makers Unite:

Their meetup profile page is here - check out the upcoming bi-monthly lectures!

Learn More About Underminer Studios:

Based in Austin, Texas, Underminer Studios has been in the emerging technology space for 2 years. Utilizing more than a decade of experience, industry connections, and out of the box thinking to create unique products, our team is driven by a passion for impactful uses of technology. As a solution-focused company serving many markets by changing the perspective of how technology can solve real problems and shape the future with leading-edge solutions. 

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