The Fab Five: Game Developer Content for January

Some Kind of Magic

It’s a Kind of Magic

Balancing the construct of what makes magic with an intuitive yet user-friendly method of creating spells challenged Borealys* Games.


Hob and the Art of Runic Games

Creating an unusual action-adventure game and characters after success in the horror genre took award-winning Runic Games down an interesting path.

People Can Fly

People Can Fly* v3.0

Working with Epic Games* gave the People Can Fly studio the ultimate experience, allowing them to expand the game development industry in their native country of Poland.

En Masse*

En Masse: Shifting and Sharing with the Times

Building an “outside the game” strategy helped game developer En Masse to keep up and thrive within the shift to a free-to-play initiative.

Networking at MIX

Indie Games + Press + Peers = MIX

Creating a great networking organization and events where indie developers could share successes, failures, heartbreak, and more led Justin Woodward and Joel Dreskin to create the Media Indie Exchange (MIX).

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