Video Game Makers Unite Meetup January 2018: Audience

This month’s meetup was a series of lectures on January 11th at Capital Factory. A format with multiple speakers on the same general theme. Each had 10 minutes to draw in the audience, make their point and impart a little bit of insight and perspective. This month’s topic was audience. The speakers were Alicia Andrew of Game of Worlds Camp, Kamau Vassall of Moonlit Studios, Tyler Coleman of Retora Game Studios, and Mojdeh Gharbi of Certain Affinity.

Alicia Andrew and Leif Seifert of Game Worlds Camp gave 12 Commandments of Kids Creating Games, from their experiences showing children age 8 to 18 how to make simple games within a week's time, keeping them interested and encouraged. It turns out a lot of the lessons transfer well.

Kamau Vassall of Moonlit Studios talked about two games he'd worked on that turned out to have special audience appeal -- Black Spades and AllStarTwekers -- that are underserved. Also, it turns out that African-Americans from different areas of America have different house rules for spades.

Tyler Coleman, whose Retora Games released a free-to-play mobile title, Merchant, and has maintained a small but substantial community of players. Maintaining that community is effectively half of what Tyler has to manage as an independent developer.

Mojdeh Gharbi, co-founder and vice president of marketing for Austin-based Certain Affinity, spends a lot of time interfacing with government, civic and other interested groups tangential to video game development. Understanding those audiences and their interests can be a source of success to companies like hers.

Tim Porter, of Underminer Studios, spoke about The Intel® Software Innovator program which supports innovative, independent developers who display an ability to create and demonstrate forward-looking projects by providing them with speaking and demonstration opportunities at industry events and developer gatherings. Through their expertise and innovation with cutting-edge technology, Intel Software Innovators demonstrate a spirit of ingenuity, experimentation, and forward thinking that inspires the greater developer community.

Learn more about Video Game Makers Unite:

Their meetup profile page is here - check out the upcoming bi-monthly lectures!

Learn More About Underminer Studios:

Based in Austin, Texas, Underminer Studios has been in the emerging technology space for 2 years. Utilizing more than a decade of experience, industry connections, and out of the box thinking to create unique products, our team is driven by a passion for impactful uses of technology. As a solution-focused company serving many markets by changing the perspective of how technology can solve real problems and shape the future with leading-edge solutions. 

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