Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for February

Joule Module

Alternative Platforms to the Intel® Joule™ Module

Learn about the UP Squared* Grove* Development Kit and how it compares with the discontinued Intel® Joule™ compute module.

Edge to Cloud

Seamless Edge-to-Cloud IoT Integration Speeds Time to Market

Intel and Google’s end-to-end joint reference architecture for IoT offers a robust, security-enabled, and simplified solution that gives IoT developers the tools and services to create high-performance solutions.

Troubleshooting Connections

Troubleshooting Connections with the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit and Arduino Create*

If you are unable to connect your UP²* board to Arduino Create* using the default method, follow these alternative steps.

Computer Vision Applications

Tutorial: Using Inference to Accelerate Computer Vision Applications

Learn the basics of using the Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit inference engine included in the Intel® Computer Vision SDK, which allows you to run deep learning deployments significantly faster on Intel® architecture.

Object detection, recognition, and tracking

A Closer Look at Object Detection, Recognition, and Tracking

The goal of object detection is to notice or discover the presence of an object. Discover more about the process and how it is different for still images versus video.

IoT 101 Series, Part 3

IoT 101 Series, Part 3: Usability & Affordability of Designing IoT Devices

This issue of the IoT article series discusses the importance of considering who will use your product, how useful it will be, and how to make it affordable for your audience.

Learn to Write a NodeJS service

Publish Temperature Data over MQTT-TLS

Daniel Holmlund teaches you to write a simple Node.js* service that securely publishes the data from a temperature sensor to an MQTT broker on the IoT gateway using UPM and MQTT over transport layer security (TLS).

 Intel® System Studio 2018

Configure Remote Access for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier Using PuTTY

Configure Intel® VTune™ Amplifier from Intel® System Studio 2018. Capture performance data on a remote Linux* device running Ubuntu* 16.04 using PuTTY to generate the private/public key pair.

Power of the Personal Assistant

The Power of the Personal Assistant

Intel and Amazon have collaborated to make it easier for developers to add intelligent, far-field voice control with the Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit and Amazon Alexa* Voice Service.

Analog Gauge Reader

Analog Gauge Reader Using OpenCV in Python*

Use this sample application and computer vision to read the value of an image or frame of an analog gauge.

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