Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Version 2018 R2

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to some of the latest features for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite.


Support for the AMD* Radeon RX Vega M

Take advantage of the multi-gpu system within the Intel® NUCi78HVK kit with added support for AMD* Radeon RX Vega M. All GCN counters will display in the metrics menu of a captured frame allowing for profiling that is tied to concrete numbers.


Apply Experiments to Single Textures

Showing 2*2 texture experiment being applied to only one selected texture

Target a specific texture to quickly identify the cause of performance issues. Apply 2x2 Texture to any given Shader Resource View (SRV) or clamp a texture to a specific mip-map level. Use these experiments to narrow down the issues within any given draw call and pin-point exactly which texture resolution and mip-map level will allow your title to perform at the desired level.


Analyze Real-Time Metrics for OpenGL* Applications 

Metrics for OpenGL applications in Frame Analyzer

Have access to the full set of realtime metrics for OpenGL applications in System Analyzer and view per-event metrics in Frame Analyzer. Correlate performance issues with metrics during live gameplay and offline analysis. Efficiently tackle performance issues using the newly added Hotspot mode to identify the hardware bottlenecks affecting the largest amount of draw calls within a frame.


View Geometry for Multiple Draw Calls

Showing the post-transformation geometry for multiple selected draw calls

Optimize geometry in a streamlined way, with support for per-render target post-transformation geometry. View the geometry for a range of selected draw calls in one combined resource and see the performance burden through detailed metrics.

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