Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Version 2018 R4

Say hello to some of the latest features for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite.

Trace Analyzer

Highlight Event Lifetimes

Track and highlight the lifetime of an event in the CPU submission (Device Context) queue.

Search Events

Search through a captured trace to select and highlight the events that are most pertinent for your analysis. Use the selected items menu to see the groupings of different event types containing the given search keyword.

Move and Remove Event tracks

Utilize the new UI in Trace Analyzer to remove and move event tracks to modify the viewable workspace and drill down into specific threads or queues. 

Customize Color Schemes

Adjust the color scheme within the UI, event track by event track, to correlate events from one specific thread or event track to work on the CPU and GPU.

Frame Analyzer

Set Environment Variables 

Before launching an application, set any and all necessary environment variables without leaving the Graphics Monitor UI.

Stop stubborn Processes

When experiencing issues with a process, use the stop button to forcibly shut down the process or executable - eliminating the need to use Task Manager type tools to shut down executables. 

Pin Interesting Frames

Keep all frames of interest easily within reach by pinning them to the top of the Open Frame Capture window - never again losing a frame that is most impactful in the optimization process.

Save Frames outside of Intel® GPA

Save a frame to a more accessible location from within the UI. Use this functionality to quickly identify the location of a desired frame and streamline the sharing process.

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