Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for March

Industrial IoT Workers

Workers in the Wild: Discover the Problems That Matter to Today's Industrial Workers

Industrial workers discuss the problems they face and the opportunities they see for smart technologies to help solve those problems, as well as roadblocks to adopting new technologies.

Autonomous Driving

Automobile Sense and Control

Learn how to develop an IoT solution that collects data and sensor metrics from smart vehicles, displays the data locally, and then transmits it to a cloud platform to create a fully remote control platform for vehicles.


Increase Efficiency and Uptime with Predictive Maintenance

Use the 4.1 Industrial Internet of Things Platform (4.1 IIoTP) to enable prompt responses to emergencies, power outages, or technical faults, and to decrease downtime.

Cut Energy Costs

Cut Energy Costs with a Smart Real-Time Occupancy Solution from Feedback Solutions and Intel

Feedback Solutions offers a unique, cloud-based solution using Intel® IoT Gateway for controlling heating and cooling systems based on real-time occupancy.

Secure Platforms

Providing Secure IoT Platforms at the Edge

Create a secure foundation for your embedded device with these best practices for providing platform integrity and security, as well as considerations to limit exposure to vulnerability.

Application Development

Speed Up System & IoT Device Application Development with the New Intel® System Studio

Discover how this all-in-one, cross-platform system and IoT development tool suite can help shorten the development cycle, improve performance and power efficiency, and provide easy access to over 400 sensors.

Smart Trans*

IoT Goes into the Real World

In transportation, accuracy and dependability are key. SmartTrans* gives a real-world account of problems they experienced when bringing their IoT application to life.

IoT Retail Gateway

Intel® IoT Retail Gateway Reference Design for Intelligent Vending

The Reference Design for Intelligent Vending using the Intel® IoT Retail Gateway provides a solution for rearchitecting traditional vending machines into highly capable, internet-connected machines by concentrating all vending machine functions onto a single board.

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory Journey

Using IoT, technical process challenges are often solved with new end-to-end methods (from sourcing data to decision-making) that can be automated. Learn about future opportunities and challenges with IoT deployments including automated instrumentation of industrial equipment.

Audio Specification

Updates to the Specification Document for Intel® High Definition Audio

The specification document for Intel® High Definition Audio has been updated to include a simplified capabilities linked list, support for static switching to lower frequencies, and added support for a new variant of the codec.

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