Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for April

Arduino Create

Beyond Arduino Create*: Developing UP Squared* Projects in Intel® System Studio

Transition from using the Arduino Create* framework to using a full-featured production IDE like Intel® System Studio for your UP Squared* Grove IoT Development Kit project.

Retail Vending Machines

Wind River Helix* Device Cloud Application Deployment: Retail Vending Machine

Explore a proof of concept (POC) vending machine that leverages the complete device lifecycle management capabilities of the Wind River Helix* Device Cloud and allows monitoring and automatic restocking

AWS Greengrass*

Start Amazon Web Services Greengrass* Core on the UP Squared* Development Board

Learn about AWS Greengrass* software, how to set it up, download, and run it on the UP Squared* board.

Software Defined Sensors

Industrial IoT Developer Webinar: Software-Defined Sensors and Protocols

Watch this video to learn more about cyber-physical systems including industrial sensors, actuators, and protocols.

Code Sample

Code Sample: MQTT Publication to Amazon Web Services (AWS)* with UP Squared*

This code sample tutorial will teach you how to set up your AWS account, run a sketch in Arduino Create* that reads data from a rotary angle sensor and sends it to AWS, which can then be viewed through the AWS IoT MQTT Client.

Leaveaux's SenseAgent*

Levaux’s SenseAgent* Delivers End-to-End IoT Insight for Smart Building Management

A streamlined smart sensor solution from Levaux* running on an Intel® architecture-based IoT gateway delivers the value of edge-to-cloud insight for smart building management.

Short Message Service

Send SMS Messages Using Twilio* on UP Squared* with Ubuntu*

Learn how to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages to your phone using a Twilio* phone number on the UP Squared* board with Ubuntu*.


Code Sample: Send Data with MQTT to Microsoft Azure* using UP Squared* and Arduino Create*

Create an IoT Hub for communication between the Microsoft Azure* cloud platform and your UP Squared* device. Set up an application for viewing data, and then run a sketch in Arduino Create* that reads data from a rotary angle sensor and sends it to Microsoft Azure.


Accelerating Software with Intel® FPGAs

Learn more about how FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) can boost system performance by using hardware to process computationally complex algorithms.


Blockchain and the Hyperledger Sawtooth Implementation

Learn more about blockchain and Sawtooth, Intel’s contribution to Hyperledger, a collaborative effort hosted by the Linux Foundation to exchange ideas and implementations of enterprise level blockchain software. Sawtooth is an implementation of a blockchain.

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