Call for Papers: Inspire the Global IoT Community by Speaking at Intel Global IoT DevFest III

Submit Your Abstract by May 4 to Present at this Two-day Virtual Conference June 19-20

If changing the world through the Internet of Things (IoT) is what animates and inspires you, here’s your opportunity to drive that change: as a featured presenter at Intel Global IoT DevFest III, the two-day virtual online conference dedicated to all things IoT.  If you have an IoT innovation to showcase or an insightful perspective to share, submit an abstract to be considered as a speaker.

Intel Global IoT DevFest III is the ultimate IoT immersion: two, 16-hour days of real-world business use cases, guided deep-dive trainings and proof-of-concept demos, all conducted by the leading IoT experts from around the world.  It’s where acclaimed industry thought leaders and aspiring developers alike come together and explore next-wave IoT trends and technologies.  Submit an abstract today.

Running over two consecutive 16-hour days, from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. GMT, Intel Global IoT DevFest III is conveniently scheduled to accommodate every time zone.

One of our keynote conference speakers will be Joel Spolsky, CEO and co-founder of  As a DevFest presenter, you’ll be at the center of the excitement, recognized in the company of leading experts and innovators with an IoT vision to share.

Four Tracks

For this latest DevFest conference, tracks include sessions targeting different audiences and levels of expertise to help attendees choose the IoT topics of keenest interest to them.

To participate, submit an abstract that aligns to a specific track, and indicate times during the conference you would like to present.

Track 1:  Next Wave of IoT Trends and Innovations

How the latest IoT technology is transforming industries through real-world use cases in industrial automation, smart building, responsive retail, and more. Presenters will demonstrate how to leverage the ecosystem to create greater business value.


Track 2:  Design, Develop, Integrate and Manage IoT Solutions

Real-world use cases applying the latest tools, Software Developer Kits (SDKs), functional simulators and remote updates for application-based domains.  Presenters will demo a full suite of ingredients for building end-to-end solutions.


Track 3:  Workload Consolidation, Containers, and Software Defined End-to-End Scaling

Sessions will deep-dive into platforms, implementations, and scheduling policies at the Edge for developing, scaling, managing, and optimizing IoT solutions.


Track 4:  AI and Ambient Intelligence at the Edge

Covers the latest AI tools and use cases at the edge. Individual sessions provides deep-dive training on how to accelerate computer vision and deep learning solutions from camera to cloud and how to streamline analytics processing and deployment across multiple use cases.

Inspiring Our Global IoT Community

After two successful conferences, DevFest III promises new insights, fresh perspectives, and renewed energy for the worldwide IoT community.   Submit your abstract and join the leaders who will inspire the next innovation wave.