Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for June


Intel Global IoT DevFest II

Create Your Own Intel Global IoT DevFest III Experience

Customize your Intel Global IoT DevFest III conference schedule to reflect what’s most important to you. Register now, it’s just days away.

Tools for IoT

The Tools for Production IoT Development

For IoT developers, AI represents intriguing possibilities and much more-- more tools, more knowledge, and more decision-making. Find out how Intel can help with your IoT solution.

 Intel® System Studio 2018

An Introduction to Intel® System Studio 2018

Get an introduction to Intel® System Studio 2018. The 2018 version includes three updated editions with compilers, libraries, analysis, and debugging tools.

Industrial IoT Communication Protocols

Industrial IoT Communication Protocols and Time-Sensitive Networking

This webinar covers industrial IoT communication protocols MQTT, OPC-UA, and time-sensitive networking (TSN). Learn how applications that have multiple devices can be synchronized using these protocols.

Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit

Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit

This edition of the IoT Developer Show will show you how the Intel(R) Speech Enabling Developer Kit can help you build tabletop smart speaker devices similar to Amazon Alexa*.

Monitoring the Environment

Grove* Sensors, AWS Greengrass*, and Device-to-Cloud Communication

Learn how to monitor the environment using sensor data rules. Develop your application using the UP Squared* board, Grove* shield, AWS Greengrass*, and device-to-cloud communication.

 Intel® FPGA Hardware

Debug Intel® FPGA Hardware with System Console

Use the System Console debugging tool to debug and test an Intel® FPGA hardware system.

Power Tree

Terasic* DE-10 Nano Power Tree

Save cost, power, and heat by using Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions. Find out which power regulators are best for Intel® FPGA designs.

Using the Model Optimizer

Use the Model Optimizer to Convert Caffe* Models

Discover how the Model Optimizer works with Caffe* models. Learn which models are supported and how to use it to convert a trained Caffe* model with both framework-agnostic and Caffe-specific command-line options.

Convert TensorFlow* Models

Using the Model Optimizer to Convert TensorFlow* Models

Learn to configure, freeze, test, and integrate a TensorFlow* model using the Model Optimizer.

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