Help Solve Real-World Space Challenges: Will Your AI Innovation Enable the Mission?

Create the Winning Idea in the Super Explorer Mission of the Intel® AI Interplanetary Challenge for an all-Expenses Paid Trip to Meet Bill Nye and
Robert Picardo

Interplanetary Challenge Space

As the Cadet Explorer Mission of the Intel® AI Interplanetary Challenge winds down, software developers interested in space and AI are preparing to accept a new Super Explorer Mission.  Starting July 2, they are invited to develop an innovative idea that solves a real-world space-related problem using Intel® technology for artificial intelligence. 

AstronautSuper Explorer Mission participants can begin by discovering more about machine learning and deep learning at the Intel® AI Academy, and then submit their AI-based project idea outlining how this new technology can help solve a space-related challenge. The deadline for submissions is August 12 – sign up now to participate.

An expert panel of judges will select one grand prize winner to receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Planetary Society headquarters in Pasadena, Calif.  There, the winner will attend lunch with science personality Bill Nye and “Star Trek” actor and science advocate Robert Picardo, and then tour the Planetary Society facilities.  In addition, Intel plans to produce articles detailing the AI-based solutions from the top five Super Explorer Mission participantsBill Nye - Robert Picardo.

Throughout the four-week Super Explorer Mission, multiple projects will be randomly selected each week to receive fun prizes from Intel and the Planetary Society.

The Winning Solution:  AI-focused, Innovative, and Intel-based

Challenge participants can submit their solutions in any of three ways:  As a 500- to 1,000-word written brief, as a code sample accompanied by an explanatory paragraph, or as a three-to five-minute YouTube video.  

Whichever submission method you choose, the Challenge solution must meet these requirements:
* Relevance to actual space science, not science fiction (no warp drives, please).
* It must incorporate the use of artificial intelligence to solve the challenge.
* The solution must be unique, innovative, practical and achievable.
* It must include the use of Intel® Optimized frameworks, Intel® AI DevCloud or Intel developer tools.
* Your presentation must fully and clearly explain your concept.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions of the Challenge.

It’s Not Too Late –Take the Challenge!

Even though the Cadet Explorer Mission is concluded, signups for the next Super Explorer Mission are now open to any developer, data scientist, student, or AI enthusiast in the US or Canada with an interest in using Intel AI technologies for space exploration.  Super Explorer Mission participants are not required to have participated in the Cadet Explorer Mission.

You’re invited to contribute fresh ideas, earn peer recognition, win fun prizes, and meet internationally recognized stars of science.  Register now to participate.

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