Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks July 2018

Every month I pick out a few projects from Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you.  Take a few minutes to find out why each of these projects caught my eye and then check out the variety of interesting projects on mesh to see what other projects interest you.

Step Up Your 3D Asset Pipeline

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Creating amazing-looking digital media goes beyond just looks:  Intel® Software Innovator Jarrett Rhodes seamlessly breaks down the pipeline, even for those at entry level.  Jarrett covers the four parts of his pipeline for creating a 3D asset from concept to creation to implementation with overall functionality in mind.  The process demonstrates how anyone of any skill level can utilize the most of the digital tools at hand to save maximum time and frustration.

Real-time Recording and Monitoring of Activity in Protected Areas

There’s no question that an award winning, state of the art, cost-effective, tested and ready-to-go solution to crackdown on poaching is nothing short of groundbreaking.  Intel® Student Ambassador Amartya Ranhan Saikia shows how object detection, image and audio classification are being heavily used to track activities in a wildlife sanctuary.  It’s wonderful to see that the same technology that sets us apart as a species is now being used to preserve some of the more helpless, endangered animals in wildlife.  

Autonomous Navigation for Ground and Aerial Robots

Student Ambassador Khen Elimelech implements state-of-the-art navigation, perception, and decision making algorithms to allow efficient autonomous navigation and mapping capabilities for ground and aerial robots (drones).  The ability of the drones to essentially guide themselves on their mapping missions shows just how much time these advancements are saving people in this field.  Now that this technology allows the drone to map their unknown environment, locate themselves and optimally plan a safe course of action, the applications seem limitless.      


Speak AI features the hardware implementation of a retrofit voice-controlled home automation device using Raspberry Pi*.  Student Ambassador Victor Ughonu uses voice-control that is based on translated text from a pre-trained neural network speech-to-text model.  Victor’s project brings yet another advancement that shows just how far text-to-speech and speech-to-text engines have come. 

Digital Painting:  A Fast-Paced Process

First glances at concept art like the one shown above can be overwhelming, including where to start and what steps to follow along the journey to completion.  Ven Locklear outlines the steps of conceptualizing, gathering reference, sketching, and finalizing a concept or illustration, with a focus on efficiency and speed for digital painting.  His article and video go into more detail on ways anyone can use SketchUp and various tools in Photoshop to complement or speed up the entire digital painting process.

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