Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for July

IoT Production

Did You Miss the Intel Global IoT DevFest III?

Watch replays of the informative sessions offered at the spring event.

IEI Tank AIoT Developer Kit

Introducing the IEI* TANK AIoT Development Kit

This kit comes with a preinstalled operating system, sample code, reference designs, IDEs, SDKs, and more, to create powerful AI and computer vision solutions.

Get Started

Get Started with the IEI* TANK AIoT Development Kit and Intel® System Studio

Use your IEI* TANK AIoT Development Kit connected to Intel® System Studio to run a Hello World application.

Security for Retail

Make IoT Connectivity Secure and Simple for Retailers

Asavie PassBridge* is a cloud-hosted, software-defined IoT connectivity management platform built on x86 hardware and designed to minimize the risk of a data breach in the retail environment.

Computer Vision

Open Doors to Computer Vision & Deep Learning for Developers

Find out what’s inside the OpenVINO toolkit and get on the fast-track to developing a wide range of applications from edge to cloud.

Tools for Production for IoT

The Tools for Production IoT Development

Access tools, code samples, training, and ongoing support to help you build and optimize your commercial IoT solution.

UP Squared*

Extending UP Squared* IO

Understand the hardware and software along with best known methods for extending your UP Squared* IO.

Computer Vision toolkit

OpenVINO™ Toolkit Release Notes

Keep up to date with changes to the R2 version of the OpenVINO™ toolkit—a comprehensive toolkit for quickly developing applications and solutions that emulate human vision.


AllGoVision* and Intel Bring Advanced Video Analytics to the IoT Edge

Powered by Intel® architecture, AllGoVision* provides an innovative solution designed to collect, transmit, and analyze video data.

Fast Paced Fast Food

ARDIC IoT-Ignite* Platform Turns Fast Food into Smart Operations with Intel® Architecture

Using Intel® technologies, ARDIC's IoT-Ignite* analytics solution helps industries gather, filter, and analyze key variables to automate operations in fast-moving environments..

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Intel IoT

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