Intel® AI DevCamp: Montreal


On August 17th the AI Developer Community team descended onto Montreal. This is the second AI DevCamp, a series of events focused on brining AI engineers and students together to enjoy eachother's thoughts, learn new things, and discuss the future of AI. The day was full of local speakers, hands-on workshops, and interacting with fellow developers.

Jason Toy

130 AI students and professionals arrived in the morning and the day started freshly off covering topics around Intel's offerings on AI. This covered the full spectrum of Deep Learning, from training to inference, all focused around Intel hardware and software. There was also a deep-dive into AI training with Intel® Xeon®, focusing on using the Intel® AI DevCloud (sign up for free here). There was also an introduction to OpenVINO™ (download here), which allows developers to take those trained models and deploy them across any Intel product focused on inference, using only one API. This greatly simplifies the work, allows optimizations to be done automatically, and gives the developers greater freedom as well as ease to get the best performance out of their hardware. 

Once the workshops concluded, local speakers from AI-focused companies came in to discuss how their companies used AI to solve real-world problems.  Xpertsea, Lyrebird, Deeplite, Kalepso, Mirametrix, and Tandem Launch all came in to share their thoughts around developing for AI. They also stayed for a panel session for a chance for some deep Q&A from the attendees on how to shape their own future around AI. 









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