- Mesh Policy & Mesh Certificate
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 05/09/13 1
A quick note to mention that I just updated the Mesh Connector tool to support adding and removing the mesh certificate from the mesh policy. For most people this is probably not important, but if you use for larget networks, you may want to keep your mesh certificate completely... - Intel AMT Remote Commands
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 05/07/13 3
I am very happy to announce that now supports Intel AMT power actions directly from the web site. So, if you happen to be managing Intel AMT computers with, you can now using Hardware KVM or Serial-over-LAN from the web site to take control of the computer and, i...
Introducing the Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Posted on 04/19/13 3
Welcome to my blog about the Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager (PSM). This tool is available for download on the Intel Developer Zone and is applicable to managing Intel AMT clients that have already been enabled. It comes with a set of Intel AMT feature-based plugins as well as source code.... - Power State over Intel AMT CIRA
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 04/03/13 2
Ok, this is going to be a really technical post. First, I want to highlight that can work on many computers, processors and operating systems... from Windows to OSX to the Raspberry Pi. You don't need to have an Intel vPro computer to use, however if you happen to...
RTFB Episode 13 with Ylian Saint-Hilaire: Meshcentral support added for Raspberry Pi
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Posted on 03/17/13 1
Welcome to the RTFB (Reaching Technology From Blogs) Episode 13 Blog. Guests on RTFB are given an opportunity to talk about and promote their blogs. Ylian Saint-Hilaire joins us today to talk to us about his Raspberry Pi and how he has added support for this device in  Meshcent... - Server Update
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 03/15/13 2
Hi all! It's been a while since I last blogged. So, yesterday I updated the server machine that runs I swapped the 2 hard disks for two RAID1 600G SSD's. I also updated the OS for Microsoft Server 2012 and the database to SQL server 2012. All this should make the server a lot fa...
Jeff's Notebook: Intel® Identity Protection Technology - Technical White Paper
By Jeff Kataoka (Intel) Posted on 02/26/13 0
In 2012, Intel launched the latest release of Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT), a hardware-based security token for One-Time Password (OTP) usage for security authentication solutions. that was built into all Ultrabooks™ with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors and PCs with 3... - Now with Remote Touch Support
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 02/02/13 0
In the last few days I have been working on adding touch support for the web based remote desktop of The idea is that, if the remote computer is Windows 8 that supports touch and you get touch commands on the web page, I could not try to emulate the mouse with touch but rather ...
RTFB Episode 9 with Thai Le: How to Enable Intel® TXT
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Posted on 01/30/13 0
Welcome to the RTFB (Reaching Technology From Blogs) Episode 9 Blog. Guests on RTFB are given an opportunity to talk about and promote their blogs. Thai Le joins us this time to talk about how to enable Intel(r) Trusted Execution Technology.  Thai found that there is a lot of information on the ... - Improved Intel AMT cloud activation
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 01/11/13 0
I just released another update to improving cloud activation of Intel AMT. There is now a new little icon next to the Intel AMT status line in the device page that allows for activation and un-activation of Intel AMT. It's not perfect yet, but it's making lots of progress. You ca...
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