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May 22nd AWS Loft + Intel Edison Workshop Highlights
By REX ST JOHN (Intel) Posted on 05/22/15 0
Here I am back at the AWS Loft giving a workshop on the topic of connecting Intel Edison to AWS. This time we got a little crazy and started incorporating some Johnny-Five and Node.js-based tracks for interested developers! .@awscloud solutions architects @AWSloft #iothackday #intelmaker pic.twi...
Innovation at Intel: Waiting for “Now” to Get Here
By Roger Chandler (Intel) Posted on 05/22/15 0
We focus a lot on innovation at Intel. I’d like to talk about why we do it. It’s about responsibility. In my opinion, Intel makes the most technologically advanced mass-produced products in the history of humanity. And every 18 to 24 months we seemingly double the performance or capabilities of ...
Cappasity 3D Scan with Intel® RealSense™ Technology
By Konstantin Popov Posted on 05/22/15 0
Konstantin Popov tells the story of how his 3D scanning solution company, Cappasity, incorporated Intel RealSense technology into their upcoming Easy 3D Scan product, which enables users of devices with Intel RealSense 3D cameras to create 3D selfies and object scans.
Power of Play – Showcasing the best in the Northwest and beyond
By Mitchell Lum (Intel) Posted on 05/22/15 0
  This past weekend I headed up to Seattle for the Washington Interactive Network’s Power of Play event. Power of Play embodies a sense of community. There were three main elements during the event that tied together nicely. A single track set of talks from indie devs like Amy Dallas of Clutch...
Power of Play 2015 - Connecting and Inspiring the Seattle Indie Game Community
By Constance C. Posted on 05/22/15 1
It’s been around for eight years now, but Power of Play has managed to outdo itself this year with an incredible level of organization and polish, all while still maintaining a tight-knit and welcoming atmosphere. The event boasted engaging and relevant talks from industry experts, recruiting eve...
Elusive Algorithms - Parallel Scan
By jimdempseyatthecove Posted on 05/22/15 1
Last month there was a query on the IDZ MIC forum "how to perform inclusive scan in C cilk" in which my initial reply was: Parallelizing this is problematic due to the next result being dependent upon the prior result. While this is not impossible, it is rather difficult and it introduces some r...
Intel® IoT Roadshow Taipei, Taiwan
By Raghavendra Ural (Intel) Posted on 05/22/15 0
We had an Intel IoT roadshow at Taipei on 16th and 17th of May 2015 at CLBC flagship. 128 attendees developed 32 working prototypes in 48 hours. We provided our IoT developer kit to each attendee which had an Intel Edison board, Arduino expansion board and many basic sensors. People also got the...
How to get JavaScript up and running after the RealSense R3 release.
By Rick Blacker (Intel) Posted on 05/20/15 3
What does this blog post cover?  It covers how to get JavaScript support up and running with Intel RealSense RealSense R3 SDK and runtime. Who is this for?  This blog post is for people who have downloaded and installed the latest  F200 DCM, RealSense R3 SDK releases of RealSense and you wis...
Maker Faire - The Marquee Maker Event Celebrates 10 Years in the Bay Area
By Sarah-Jane Morris (Intel) Posted on 05/20/15 0
This weekend, the DevO (Developer Outreach) team descended upon San Mateo from far and wide to volunteer at the be all and end all maker event, the 2015 Maker Faire. In 2014 there were 131 Maker Faires worldwide with the Bay Area Maker Faire being the original and the largest, so this was the f...
Free developer software and training with Intel and iHub
By AGATHA G. Posted on 05/20/15 0
Free developer software and training with Intel and iHub In 2013, Intel began a long-term collaboration with one of the top innovation hubs in Sub Sahara, iHub. This collaboration has focused on enhancing the ability of developers to create rich user experiences on Intel®-based hardware “The on...
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Doctor Fortran Gets Explicit - Again!
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 01/05/12 11
Nearly 11 years ago (!) I wrote an item for the Visual Fortran Newsletter on explicit interfaces in Fortran. In recent weeks, I have had to refer quite a few customers to this article, suggesting that many Fortran programmers don't understand the role and rules of explicit interfaces. However, wh...
Why is Intel providing the Intel® XDK for free?
By Kevin J. Smith (Intel) Posted on 03/25/14 11
The world of computing has expanded beyond desktop and servers to include phones and tablets and is still evolving to wearables and the Internet of Things. Besides new form factors, there are now multiple operating systems on multiple architectures, new channels for selling and distributing software, and more ways to monetize your efforts.
Who should be writing the software to enable Intel AMT
By JOSEPH E. (Intel) Posted on 09/18/07 11
Unlike other technologies that we produce here at Intel, AMT requires a complex ecosystem for it to provide full value to IT shops. One of the questions we keep coming up against is who should be building what in that ecosystem. We are looking to supply a platform with the belife that everybody u...
How to build an AppUp app from a web page using AppUp encapsulator
By Andy Idsinga (Intel) Posted on 04/15/11 11
In this post I describe a way to take an existing web page and build an AppUpsm center app from it using AppUptm encapsulator. If you've only just heard about AppUp encapsulator and want to learn a little more before diving in - check out the FAQ. In order to build an app with encapsulator you ...
The Doctor is IN!
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 07/11/06 11
.. testing. testing... Is this thing on? Oh, hi! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Doctor Fortran 2.0. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Lionel, and I work for Intel's Developer Products Division. For the past four years, I've been part of Intel's compiler support team, but be...
Doctor Fortran in "I've Come Here For An Argument, Side 2"
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 07/10/09 11
My earlier post, "I've Come Here For An Argument", was very popular with my fellow support engineers, as it provided a convenient answer to questions they frequently receive.  (For me too, which in part is why I wrote it!) But some people (cough, Ron, cough) are never satisfied, and I've been ask...
Mathematical Parallelization By Compilers
By Asaf Shelly Posted on 10/21/11 11
This is not to say that compilers can automatically parallelize code. I would however really like to see that happen and here is an interesting and reliable way to parallelize operations. If a compiler can use this method of thinking then it can also be used as hints for developers writing code t...
Smartphones and PCs
By philip-taylor (Intel) Posted on 02/18/11 10
There was recent big news that shipments of smartphones passed PCs. So while I don’t believe the PC is dying, I do believe there is a message here. The volumes were interesting too. Smart phone volumes topped 100m units for the first time, while PC units were a still respectable 92m units. So is ...
"Hello Lambdas" C++ 0x, a quick guide to Lambdas in C++
By James Reinders (Intel) Posted on 08/03/09 10
The current draft of the new C++ 0x standard includes lambda functions. I think we can expect this to be very popular. I'll show a "Hello, World" example, and then explain the syntax very briefly. In a future posting I’ll write about lambdas and their use with Intel Threading Building Blocks. He...
Using the Intel Power Gadget API on Mac OS X
By Patrick Konsor (Intel) Posted on 12/13/12 10
Using the Intel® Power Gadget API on Mac OS X* Intel® Power Gadget for Mac* is a GUI application that provides real-time data on processor frequency and estimated processor power, and can log frequency, power, energy, and temperature data over time. Intel® Power Gadget also provides a C Applicati...

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