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A Transition to the Paradigm of Parallel Programming
By David Sekowski (Intel) Posted on 09/14/09 1
Blog written by former TBB development intern Teja Pitla. As an enthusiast of technology, I had naturally been consistent in making the effort to keep in touch with new developments in the industry and particularly with CPUs. The advent of consumer grade multicore processors was perhaps the most ...
TBB on Sun Solaris*
By David Sekowski (Intel) Posted on 05/09/08 0
Hello, my name is Dave Sekowski. I am a program manager at Intel working on the Threading Building Blocks (TBB) project. This week I had an opportunity to talk with Chris Huson, one of the TBB developers who worked with Sun Microsystems to port TBB to Sun Solaris, about the collaborative effort t...