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Networking event in London!
By KABasher (Intel) Posted on 05/12/11 0
Netwoking event inLondon taking place today at the theYorkshiregrey Registration page Agenda: 3.30h pm NDA session for black belt members who participated in the AVX subforum Official start 5.00h pm with 20 min. max presentation Introduction/Welcome , 5 min. Basher Sandybridge, Graphics Lei...
Interview with the Multicore Association
By KABasher (Intel) Posted on 04/20/11 0
Thought you might be interested to see this exclusive interview with the Multicore Association Lifting the lid on The Multicore Association
Up close with Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 4.0
By KABasher (Intel) Posted on 04/05/11 0
You may find this useful – Interview with Intel’s Leigh Davies, Leigh is a Senior Application Engineer who specialises in PC gaming. He has extensive experience in this field and spends a lot of his time helping games companies – including many you’ve heard of, but we can’t name here – to optimi...