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SIGGRAPH 2016 Insights and Observations
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 10/17/16 3
At SIGGRAPH 2016, Intel presented sessions on occlusion culling, deep learning, high-dynamic range video, 360 video editing workflow for VR, and 4K video scaling. You can find the slides from these presentations on our SIGGRAPH Special Sessions page.
Intel Sponsors Students and Indies at the 2016 D.I.C.E. Summit
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 03/17/16 0
At the recent 2016 D.I.C.E. Summit, Intel partnered with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) for the third year in a row to help outstanding students connect to the industry through mentors and networking opportunities. This year the AIAS and Intel extended this scholarship activity for the first time to indie developers as well.
Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2015
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 0
We had a fantastic time at the Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2015! The teams representing their university game development programs were highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly enthusiastic. The venue was electric! The event featured student teams from 10 universities with top-...
与 Microsoft 在 DirectX* 12 方面的合作
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 03/02/15 0
今天在 2015 年游戏开发人员大会上,英特尔在使用来自 Microsoft 的新 DirectX* 12 API 的英特尔硬件之上展示了一些演示。 这些演示显示英特尔可在新 API 版本发布之初即为其提供支持。 自 DirectX 12 构想之初,英特尔便一直与 Microsoft 在 设计方面紧密协作。 本 API 完全面向现代集成设计而设计,例如第 4 代英特尔® 酷睿™ 处理器和锐炬™ 显卡。 通过支持改进的性能和能效,DirectX 12 将在基于英特尔锐炬的超极本™、便携式一体机(便携式 AIO)及高性能台式机上提供突破性用户体验。 除与 Microsoft 合作之外,英...
DirectX* 12 Collaboration with Microsoft
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 03/02/15 0
Today at GDC 2015, Intel showed demos running on Intel hardware using the new DirectX* 12 API from Microsoft. These demonstrations continue the recent Intel dedication to show support for a new API version from the moment it is announced. Intel has been collaborating with Microsoft on the design...
Intel and Ubisoft Optimize Cosmos Game Engine for Intel® Platforms
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 03/02/15 0
Today, Intel and leading game developer Ubisoft announced that they are working together to add native x86 support to the Ubisoft Cosmos game engine. This enables a long lineup of future mobile game releases from Ubisoft to run natively on x86 platforms. Native execution results in improved load ...
Funcom Collaboration to Maximize Intel® Iris™ Graphics Benefit
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 03/02/15 0
Intel announced today that it has been working with Funcom to enhance the visual effects in its Windows* and Android* versions of LEGO* Minifigures Online, a fun-packed online game. The companies used the unique pixel synchronization capabilities of Intel® Iris™ graphics to enable more realistic ...
Intel® RealSense™ Technology to Power Psychological Thriller Game
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 03/02/15 2
Intel announced today that it is helping indie studio Flying Mollusk use Intel® RealSense™ technology to power its ambitious bio-feedback enhanced, psychological horror game “Nevermind*.” Intel first learned about Nevermind through Kickstarter just before GDC 2014. After meeting with the develope...
Intel y Unity* se unen y despiertan entusiasmo
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 11/10/14 2
Hay solo una palabra que puede describir lo que sentimos acerca de la recién anunciada colaboración entre Intel y Unity*: ¡HURRA! Bueno, quizá dos: ¡HURRA, HURRA! RESUMEN Este anuncio (aquí se puede ver el comunicado de prensa) es un acontecimiento muy importante para Intel y los desarrollador...
Intel and Unity* Unite and Excite
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 08/20/14 0
There's only one word that can describe our feelings about the partnership between Intel and Unity* that has just been announced – WOOT! Well, maybe two words – DOUBLE WOOT!! OVERVIEW This announcement (see the press release here) is really a big deal for Intel and game developers around the w...