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SC10 Workforce Development Panel - Preparing for Extreme Parallel Environments
By dan_ernst Posted on 11/04/10 6
In just a couple of weeks, at SC10 in New Orleans, I'll be moderating a panel entitled "Preparing for Extreme Parallel Environments: Models for Parallelism" as part of the special track on HPC workforce development.  I'll be joined by some brilliant (and opinionated!) panelists:Benedict Gaster, A...
Sea of cores: we're missing the ship
By dan_ernst Posted on 09/14/10 3
We're now a few hours past the IDF panel session.  Matt Wolf and I had the chance to have a really great discussion with a group of developers and professors who were interested in addressing the issues of parallelism within education from the architecture and operating systems perspective. Here ...
Parallelism Exposure - It's Not That Hard!
By dan_ernst Posted on 08/03/10 0
Over the last few years, I've been talking to a lot of people about the conversion of our hardware to a parallel base and what that might mean for undergraduate CS education.  Although it doesn't surprise me much any more, I was initially pretty startled by how negative a lot of people were to th...