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SHEPHERD: Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 11/17/16 0
Don't get me wrong, I was a quite willing participant with all of this.  I am sitting at a table with some amazing folk at the second day of the Intel Innovator Summit. I've been asked what I do, a quite typical question in a group setting with people you don't quite know yet. I've answered "I a...
Reminiscing Austin's Intel HPC Developer Conference & SC15
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 12/16/15 0
Read this lighthearted recap of the Intel® HPC Developer Conference held in Austin, Texas in 2015.
Application Development Hackletics has Ignited
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 06/05/13 1
It is very exciting to be on the verge of helping lead a two week application development. It is something of a perfect storm. We have many Hackletic Poobahs helping. Of course, Paul Steinberg, architect of the Code for Good Hackathons. We also have Brad Hill, an Intel HTML5 expert who has helped...
Sisterhood of CS
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 10/24/11 3
It might seem a bit ironic me being bursting with pride at being a member of a sisterhood, what with me being a guy who never even had a sister, but I am. The Sisterhood of CS is the fifth Computer Science club for which I am advisor. Perhaps being advisor means I am not really a member, but you ...
Graceful Enhancement
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 09/16/11 0
Matt Wolf and I were walking from our hotel to IDF 2011 this morning and we were talking about various architectures and what we each preferred. Matt described his perception and I said that sounds like graceful enhancement and he said that was a great name for it. It was a great mutually derived...
Math flies like the wind
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 09/14/11 0
I was preparing a post on algorithmic patterns and how they aid the process of being able to solve computational problems using paallel techniques when I came across the iPod version of Math flyer. Math and Computer Science can be both impenetrable, incomprehensible, and kinda a drudge when you ...
Paper Parallel and the Thousand dear Courses
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 09/14/11 1
Paper Mario was pretty popular and I think the upcoming special issue of ACM Transactions on Computing Education will also be pretty popular, especially since it will be focused on Concurrent, Parallel and Distributed Computation. We are at a cusp where there is a great amount of productive churn...
Parallel Educational Appliance: Once upon a Mattress
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 05/04/11 3
Convergence of good ideas into a coalesced one is normative for this millennia. It has has happened with PDA, camera, phone, and portable game system becoming today's smartphone; which is now converging with touchscreen notepad and keyboard into a next ubiquitous device. This blog post highlights...
It's a Snap to find the Scratch to BYOB in class
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 03/29/11 1
Sure I knew my friend Dan Garcia has been working to re-establish the joy and beauty of computer science to a whole new generation. And yeah, talking with enthusiastic Dan convinced inspired me to develop a parallel class at my college. Little did I know that the language to which he was gravita...
Half Empty Dream Cup of Concrete Roses
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy Posted on 02/01/11 1
Paul Steinberg's Black History month blog post about dreams propelled me to write my first blog post in over a year. My initial urge was to lament the struggle in retaining and reaching Black males in Computer Science. My friend Byron Robertson is getting his PhD on this very topic. Paul and I in...