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How to model parallelism with Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite
By Caroline D (Intel) Posted on 08/19/09 0
Did you know that Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite offers you the ability to prototype (model) parallelism in your serial application? It lets you scope the effort of parallelizing your application while continuing to use your existing test system and debugging tools as you make source modifications ...
A Parallel Modeler for Serial Applications
By Caroline D (Intel) Posted on 07/28/09 0
You need to add parallelism to your application... Where do you start? How do you determine that adding parallelism and working through data sharing problems is worth the effort? If you have ever parallelized a serial program, you know how tricky it can be to answer these questions! With the move...
Have you tried Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite?
By Caroline D (Intel) Posted on 06/05/09 0
Hi everyone… Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite has been available for a week and the downloads continue! We are excited about this technology preview -- the documentation, samples, Correctness Modeling, and the Microsoft Visual Studio* integration. As you know, there is no silver bullet when it comes...