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GDC Austin: GPA demos at the Intel booth
By Chris Cormack (Intel) Posted on 09/14/09 0
If you are attending GDC Austin - please come see us at the Intel booth for a GPA 2.1 demo. Stop by, check it out, and provide feedback. Or if you just want to download it now - do that here :).
GPA 2.1 Feature Highlight: Supports all DX devices
By Chris Cormack (Intel) Posted on 09/11/09 0
For this week's GPA blog entry, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that GPA runs across all DX devices. This means that GPA supports all Intel DX devices as well as any and all non-Intel DX devices. Further, all GPA features work equally across all these platforms. This includes our sha...
GPA 2.1 Feature Highlight: Configurable X and Y Axes in the Bar Chart
By Chris Cormack (Intel) Posted on 09/04/09 0
In 2.1, GPA allows you to configure both the X and Y axis to any available metric within the bar chart. This allows you to visually see the relationship between multiple per-draw call metrics at the same time. For example, you can select vertex shader duration in the X-axis and pixel shader durat...
GPA 2.1 Feature Highlight: Buffer Histograms
By Chris Cormack (Intel) Posted on 08/28/09 0
GPA 2.1 includes a feature to allow you to better view render targets and textures. Let's say you have a texture with a very narrow dynamic range, all values in the texture are nearly white. When you select this texture to view, by default - it looks white The GPA histogram feature allows you not...
GPA 2.1 Feature Highlight: Pixel History based on Overdraw Visualization
By Chris Cormack (Intel) Posted on 08/14/09 0
Pixel history has been the most requested feature from the gaming community since the launch of Intel GPA. The great news is that we have added this feature to our currently available 2.1 release. The cool thing about how Intel GPA Frame Analyzer implements pixel history is that you can take a hi...