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First Rule of Programming Club
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 1
No, it is not "You do not talk about Programming Club." That would be silly. If we didn't talk about it, who would join?
Showing code in movies - a minor rant
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 04/27/15 4
I went to see the movie "Ex Machina" this past weekend. The plot involves a reclusive search-engine billionaire bringing one of his code drones up to his remote estate/research lab to administer the Turing Test to an Artificial Intelligence (called Ava) that is housed in a robotic body. I've alw...
If it Ain’t Broke…
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 02/25/15 0
Well, the bottle recycler was broke and they were attempting to fix it. But that’s not what the title refers to.
It’s Not All Just Cutting-Edge Tech at IDF
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 09/11/14 0
You can find out a lot of things at the Intel Developer Forum. One thing I didn't expect to find was how direct an impact can be made in the lives of others and in my life.
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble; Mutex Lock and Buffer Double
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 12/31/13 4
Macbeth may have 99 problems, but parallel programming ain’t one of them.
The switch() statement isn't really evil, right?
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 09/26/13 15
In my current position, I work to optimize and parallelize codes that deal with genomic data, e.g., DNA, RNA, proteins, etc. To be universally available, many of the input files holding DNA samples (called reads) are text files full of the characters 'A', 'C', 'G', and 'T'. (It's not necessary to...
Intel is Number 1 with a Milky Way
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 07/29/13 2
No, not the candy bar (though I could really go for a Milky Way Midnight bar right now). I'm thinking of the Milky Way 2 (Tianhe-2) computer system at the National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou China. This machine incorporates 32,000 12-core Intel Xeon processors (E5-2600 v2) and 48,000 Int...
Is it time to replace the TOP 500 list?
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 11/16/12 1
A new TOP500 list was released at SC12. Is this one-dimensional benchmark still relevant in today's diverse HPC fields of computation?
Can I still get an Energy Efficient Free Lunch?
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 02/17/12 3
When the semiconductor industry was turning to multicore chips and lowering clock rates, Herb Sutter wrote a seminal article entitled "The Free Lunch is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software." Up to that point software developers relied on the increasing clock speeds (the "free ...
1 million new jobs from robotics industries
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 02/15/12 1
I was intrigued by the teaser for the IEEE- USA Today's Engineer story "The Real Steel: Robotics Careers Ready to Boom". It cited a market research report that claimed there would be 1 million new jobs added due to the robotics industry over the next 5 years. Many of these jobs will come from obv...