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Media SDK 3.0 Beta
By eric-sardella (Intel) Posted on 05/06/11 0
Hey Media Developers! In case you may have missed it,  I wanted to let you know that the Intel Media SDK 3.0 beta is available for download here.    Version 3.0 of the Media SDK is designed to take advantage of Intel's next generation platforms, and this beta is providing an early opportunity to ...
Intel Media SDK 2.0 Dispatching Explained
By eric-sardella (Intel) Posted on 12/07/10 1
Hey Folks!   The Intel®  Media SDK 2.0 GOLD version is now available for download!   If you are a media developer,  this is huge.    Accelerated decoding and encoding,  ability to join together transcoding pipelines, and even extend the framework with your own modules are just some of the new fea...