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Is Open Source an Accepting Space for Black People?
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 02/25/17 0
I just got finished watching the documentary “13th” on Netflix. We’re in a season of really good movies this year about the experience of being black in the US, including “Hidden Figures” and “Fences”, both of which have been nominated along with “13th” for Oscars. I’m inspired to look at the com...
Learn Once, Apply Everywhere: Why React.js is Trending
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 10/12/16 1
In fact, according to Stack Overflow’s 2016 developer survey, React.js is the top trending technology in the web dev category.
Your Appliances May Be Out to Get You
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 05/17/16 0
Sometimes I think my appliances are conspiring against me. You know, when the dishwasher stops cleaning dishes on the same morning as the garbage disposal clogs up and the coffeemaker overflows. It’s like they have a secret planning session to overthrow my life. (Shades of the 1987 classic anim...
Doubling the Performance of OpenStack Swift with No Code Changes
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 05/06/16 0
My current gig is mostly about performance. I manage a group of software engineers dedicated to the languages becoming really important to the cloud and the datacenter. One of those languages is Python. It's truly astonishing to me how this little open source language with a 25 year history has ...
为什么 Yocto 项目不叫“Linux”
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 03/14/16 0
茱丽叶说: “名字代表什么? 我们所称的玫瑰,换个名字还是一样 芳香。” 《罗密欧与茱丽叶》 (II, ii, 1-2) [选自博客的文章摘录] 是否真如茱丽叶所说,名字只是一种随意的标签,没有任何特殊含义? 或者,名称和命名是 否有一些特殊之处? Vernor Vinge 的原创赛博朋克小说《真名 实姓》暗示了我们当前所熟知的:在数字领域,知道某个人的真实姓名将能够发挥强大的力量。 启动一项新的软件项目时,为该项目取一个好名字是一件非常困难的事情! 名字需要便于记 忆,使人们一看到它,就能想到该项目,还需要在...
An Accepting Space for Women in Open Source
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 03/08/16 0
One of my daughters is in her 20s and still struggling to find a career. She asked me what programming language she should learn and I suggested Python. “In fact,” I said, “you should try to attend a Django Girls workshop.” Fortunately there was one coming up in Portland in about a month. She a...
Gravity Waves, Python*, Intel and the Billion-Year Bong
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 02/26/16 0
Like many who earned their degree in the sciences, I was required to take a year of physics in university. Vectors, forces, all that stuff. We learned space is not some empty homogeneous volume, but it actually bends and warps around massive objects like stars. The way to think about it is like...
Python brings us the LIGO gravity wave sound
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 02/14/16 0
 Rarely does a huge science project get the notice of the broader world like the announcement last week that gravitational waves have been discovered by LIGO. It has been likened to Galileo first looking through a telescope to the heavens. What I did not know until yesterday was the impact that ...
What Node.js* means for WordPress*
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 02/05/16 3
(Cross-posted from my blog on If you are a fan of PHP for developing web applications (as I am), you could feel the world shift a bit as it was announced that WordPress* was switching from PHP to Node.js*. Don't think of WordPress as a blog engine. Think of it as...
What Does Node.js Mean for WordPress?
By David S. (Blackbelt) Posted on 02/05/16 0
If you are a fan of PHP for developing web applications (as I am), you could feel the world shift a bit as it was announced that WordPress was switching from PHP to Node.js*.  Don’t think of WordPress as a blog engine. Think of it as an open source Content Management System (CMS). As such, it ...