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Los primeros pasos programando para Ultrabook
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 07/13/12 1
See Gael's Blog Author Page Si estás interesado en escribir software tanto para Windows 8 Desktop como para la UI de Windows 8, hay ciertas cosas que deberías saber antes de empezar. Este blog se ocupa de algunos de esos asuntos: Navegando la Interfaz de Usuario (IU) de Windows 8 Relevancia de la...
Intel AMT: Known Issues and Best Practices
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 06/15/12 0
I just ran into an older blog post on our vPo Expert Center. While the Expert Center favors End Users of Intel vPro Technology, this blog: Known Issues, Best Practices, and Workarounds, may be very useful to many of our vPro Developers.
Local access to the Intel AMT Web UI
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 06/08/12 0
Prior to Intel® AMT 6.1, if you wanted to connect to the AMT Web UI, it had to be done remotely.  Starting with Intel® AMT 6.1 we are able to connect to the WebUI locally.  If your system has AMT 6.0 firmware, check with your OEM's support site and there might be a newer 6.1 or 6.2 version of the...
Developing for Ultrabook - Part 1
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 05/29/12 0
We at Intel are very excited about  both the existing (based on the 2nd Generation Intel®  Core™ processors) and newly released Ultrabooks (based on the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors.)  While this first blog in my series, it will be fairly high-level and introductory. Future blogs will p...
What is Intel® Secure Key Technology?
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 05/14/12 0
Introduction: Intel® Secure Key, was previously code-named Bull Mountain Technology. It is the Intel® name for the Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures instruction RDRAND and its underlying Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) hardware implementation. Among other things, the DRNG using the RDRAND...
Updated: Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) Start Here Guide
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 04/25/12 3
I just wanted to let everyone (who is intersted) know that I have updated the Intel AMT Start Here Guide to include information on Intel AMT release 8 to go along with the platform launch. As this document is one of our most often viewed articles on our Community, if you have any thoughts about i...
Intel® vPro Technology Release 8.0: Processor Requirements
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 04/23/12 1
Intel is launching  the latest Ivy Bridge processors supporting Intel ® AMT Release 8.0. This marks the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 Processors.  Sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what systems, on an OEM's website will support Intel® AMT features,  so here are the ingredients...
Video: Host-Based Provisioning Intel vPro clients using the ACU Wizard
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 03/29/12 2
There are two utilities that are packaged with the Intel SCS (Setup and Configuration Software) that are very simple to use and can help you enable Intel AMT quickly. Starting with Intel AMT 6.2, we have what is called "Host-based Provisioning." This means you can now configure and enable Intel A...
Video: Discovering your Intel® vPro Capabilities using the Intel® SCS Discovery Tool
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 03/28/12 1
I have already blogged quite a bit on this tool, but since it is pretty popular I thought I'd turn it into a video as well.  Running the  SCS Discovery tool is often my first suggestion to our developers who are having questions about why something about Intel AMT is not working for them.  In ord...
Video: How to Configure and Un-configure an Intel® vPro™ technology client (Intel® AMT) inside the MEBx Menus
By Gael H. (Intel) Posted on 03/02/12 3
If you have just purchased and Intel® AMT Client and are wondering how to get started managing your new system, you can watch this short ~10 minute video on how to quickly configure Intel AMT. This video also demonstrates how to unconfigure Intel AMT from inside the MEBx environment. https://www....