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Intel® vPro™ Enabling Tools for Now and the Future
By Judy Hartley (Intel) Posted on 04/15/11 2
Hi everyone!  This is my first blog for the Manageability site, so let me introduce myself.  My name is Judy Hartley and I am a Software Applications Engineer.  I have been working for Intel for over 10 years and have spent my first five years in hardware (set top box chips) and now with software...
Linux Libraries Lost and Found
By Judy Hartley (Intel) Posted on 02/19/09 5
Developing an application to run on Linux systems is, for the most part, fun and rewarding.  I always enjoy using new tools and seeing how much I can get the tool to do for me.   But after the construction is complete, you need to test it on the intended target devices.  I’ve been developing an a...