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The 8 Mysteries of Intel Parallelism Content Awards Revealed!
By jeffrey-gallagher Posted on 09/06/11 0
A very good friend of mine who recently left the high tech industry to become an attorney tells this story about one of his first jobs out of college: seems he was dissatisfied with his current job and had been actively looking for work at other companies. After a few interviews and a few offers,...
Using the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab: Classroom Research, Contests, and Capstones
By jeffrey-gallagher Posted on 06/21/11 0
The Intel® Manycore Testing Lab is a 40 core/80 thread remote access facility that members of the Intel Academic Community sign up for and use (for free). It’s a direct benefit of joining the Intel Academic Community, for use by professors and their students, if those professors want their stude...
Whither the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab?
By jeffrey-gallagher Posted on 05/06/11 1
You may or may not be aware that the American actress Carrie Fisher is also an accomplished author. I mention this because one of my favorite quotes of hers goes like this: “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” (Actually, Nelson Mandela, the international ...