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Parallel Programmaing Talk Show #98 - A Visit with Dr. Fortran, Steve Lionel Discusses Coarrays in Fortran
By Kathy F. (Intel) Posted on 02/04/11 0
Show Notes: It’s Tuesday, January 18, 2011 and this is Parallel Programming Talk #98 We are very lucky today to have the Intel Software Network’s first Black Belt, Steve Lionel with us to discuss Co-arrays but first, the news:New, interactive tool helps Java developers write safe, parallel progr...
Who are Your Trust Agents?
By Kathy F. (Intel) Posted on 03/30/10 3
Have you read “Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith? If not you might want to get a copy. If you are a social media practitioner in general or an online community manager specifically as I am, you already are one or you’re working very hard to become a Trust Agent.  (Incidentally, Broga...
Who Moved My Page?
By Kathy F. (Intel) Posted on 12/14/09 4
I think of the Internet as one eternal bulletin board. People keep posting things out on the board and often just walk away - at least I hope they do so my links/bookmarks always work. Yeah - right! There will always be content that is moved or deleted (with the owner never leaving any info on wh...