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Reducing cache misses in your application on Sandy Bridge and Atom Architectures
By Michael Chynoweth (Intel) Posted on 02/13/12 0
I have had enough questions on some articles I wrote for the Intel64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Manual that I decided to port these articles over to blogs so I can dynamically respond to customers and update the blogs.  This cache line replacement analysis is one of the articles I am po...
Dangers of x87 Floating Point on Atom
By Michael Chynoweth (Intel) Posted on 08/19/11 2
Problem:  x87 floating point calculations store/restore from stack to round to 32-bit (single precision) or 64-bit (double precision) which causes a FP store to a load which cannot forwarded on the Atom architecture.  We have seen this hit performance for many software developers on Atom platform...