Author's Blogs - Going Global with 11 languages
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 06/26/14 2
I am happy to announce that Meshcentral is going global with the web site launching in a total of 11 languages. It’s always been the goal of Meshcentral to be a universal cloud management web site that cuts across devices, operating systems, architectures and form factors, highlighting and util... - Intel® AMT IDE Redirect support
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 06/24/14 0
It’s been a while since the last Meshcentral announcement, but we are making it up today with a powerful new feature. With huge help from Jacob Gauthier that has been working on Intel AMT Recovery OS and an expert on the topic, we are announcing: Meshcentral cloud Intel® AMT IDE Redirect. Allow... - Internalization, Control Mode, EHBC, Performance
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 05/25/14 0
It’s been a while since the last Meshcentral report, so I wanted to give people a status update before I head over on a week vacation. The team’s been hard at work on all sorts of improvements and new features. In this report, I want to focus on just a few core improvements. Intel AMT Control ... - Android Applications, TURN, OSX improvements
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 04/25/14 3
In the last week, the team has been hard at work and today we have many more features to announce. First, I want to thank everyone running Mesh servers and are giving us feedback. Many more bugs and fixes have been fixed because of reports and more to come as we are working on a new release of ... - Multi-Desktop Feature
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 04/08/14 0
A few minutes ago, we updated with a new multi-desktop feature. Perfect for embedded usages where you need to monitor what is going on with many computers at once, you can now select many computers on the devices page, right click and select “Multi-Desktop”. You are then directe... - Android WebRTC audio/video for tech support
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 04/04/14 0
Today we are very happy to announce a new Meshcentral feature aimed squarely at the Android remote support scenarios. Rick Edgecombe has been working hard on the Android WebRTC audio/video communication for technical support. Launched with the latest version of the Mesh Android Agent on Google ... - New with WebRTC support
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 04/01/14 0
In one of the most significant announcement in the last year, and one that deeply changes the inner workings of mesh, starting yesterday we released initial support for WebRTC in Meshcentral. For people who are not yet familiar, WebRTC is a set of open standards supported in Chrome, Firefox and... - Second IP address
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 03/28/14 2
Just a quick note to say that a few days back, we added a second static IP address to and made it known as "". I configured the server so that port 443 on the new IP address is identical to port 8080 on the original address. So, Mesh agents can now connect b... - Android Photos, Contacts and QR codes
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 03/18/14 0
This week, we have a bunch of Meshcentral improvements for Android. Android devices are increasingly of interest and being able to activate and provide a rich set of experiences on these devices is important for Intel. Rick Edgecombe has updated the Mesh Agent on the Google Play store with enha... - Quick update
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 03/12/14 0
Just a quick update to say that Meshcentral is really taking off and I am getting a lot of email. Sorry to everyone that mailed me and not getting responses, I am working really long hours to fix issues and answer as many mails as I can. In other notes, two weeks back I launched a second server...