Author's Blogs - Improved Android Agent
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 01/16/14 0
Android is an increasingly important operating system for a wide array of usages and Meshcentral is making sure administrators can remotely monitor and manage Android devices anywhere over the Internet. We manage all Android devices but make sure we take full advantage of Intel platform feature... - Improved Intel AMT Linux support
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 01/16/14 0
Happy new year everyone! Once again the Mesh team is getting back to work and we got plenty on our plate. For this blog post, we got something that many people familiar with Intel AMT may find completely crazy. For people not familiar with Intel AMT, fear not, we got other interesting announcem... - Intel® Galileo management site update
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 12/08/13 1
A quick note to say that yesterday Matt Primrose updated the Intel Galileo sketch management web site. The site will now enumerate the sketches that are already loaded on the device even if they are not running. Basically the old version would look at running processes only, the new site looks ... - Advanced Intel® Galileo Usages
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 12/05/13 3
It’s time for another update on Meshcentral. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of interest in using the Mesh framework for Internet-of-Things usages. The Intel® Galileo board is Intel’s early entry in this space and today we are announcing the release of a new document and associated files ... - Android Remote Desktop
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 11/22/13 0
In the latest version of the Mesh Agent for Android, Rick was also able to get remote desktop working. This allows you to take control of an Android device using web based "desktop" tab. Now, the thing is, you need to have the Android mesh agent running as root in the device to ... - New Android Features
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 11/19/13 0
Right next to where I sit at Intel sits Rick Edgecombe who now works full time on the Mesh Agent for Android. Last week he released a new version of the Mesh Agent on the Google Play store with many new features. Essentially, the new agent can relay Android API calls from the web to the Android... - Amazon Re:Invent - Thank you.
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 11/18/13 0
Just a quick note to say thank you to people who showed up at my presentation last week at Amazon Re:Invent in Las Vegas, I had a great time. I attended a bunch of sessions on Amazon AWS and will see in the coming year how I can use my new knowledge to help make Meshcentral on Amazon AWS even b... - Amazon Re:Invent
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 11/09/13 0
A quick note to say that I will be in Las Vegas next week for Amazon Re:Invent, a conference on everything Amazon and cloud. As many may already know, Meshcentral is available on Amazon EC2 for people who are interested on starting their own instance of the Mesh server. This is a great way to ge... - Now with Intel® Galileo support
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 10/18/13 0
I am very happy to announce that now supports remote management of the Intel® Galileo boards! We now have a new port of the Mesh Agent that targets this board and released it on along with the installation script a few hours ago. Meshcentral makes it easy to inst... - New Mesh Agent on Google Play
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 10/15/13 0
Well, this is exciting! A week back we released and started testing a new Mesh Agent for Android published on the Google Play store. You can now manage your Android devices from! Since the new agent is just a normal Android application, you only need to install and activate it an...