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Introducing the latest Intel Atom Developer Challenge winner
By tonya-bowes (Intel) Posted on 04/28/10 0
The quest continues for groundbreaking new netbook applications! Phase 2 of the Intel Atom Developer Challenge kicked off on March 9, 2010. Congratulations to Dmitry Ryzhkov! His application, My Little Artist, won $10,000 USD for the "Best Home & Lifestyle application" category. "My Little ...
Introducing the Intel Atom Developer Challenge
By tonya-bowes (Intel) Posted on 09/28/09 9
My name is Tonya Bowes and I am managing the Intel Atom Developer Challenge. I’ll be posting here about updates to the challenge, milestones, prizes, and cool stories that develop along the way. I decided to use this first post for a broad overview. The challenge is all about recognizing and rewa...