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Remote Secure Erase with Intel® AMT
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 04/18/16 1
Remote Secure Erase with Intel® AMT and Intel® SSD Pro 1500/2500 allows IT administrators to remotely wipe the hard drive for the purposing of securely wiping a PC prior to repurposing.
AMT Support for InstantGo
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 03/27/15 0
AMT InstantGo is a feature introduced in Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) version 10.0. This feature is available on all AMT enabled platforms (v10.0 & above) that support Microsoft InstantGo feature. Microsoft InstantGo, formerly known as Connected Standby was introduced in Windows...
Intel® AMT SDK 7.0 is here now!
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 03/17/11 3
I am very excited about our 2011 platforms that will include the 7th generation of Intel® AMT. We have made some major improvements to ease the activation of the platforms and enhanced the existing use cases. So you may be wondering how you can take advantage of these improvements. We have pacakg...
vPro Enabled Gateway - Fast Call For Help
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 03/02/10 3
I have attempted to create this video to demonstrate how to build vPro Enabled Gateway(aka Management Presence Server (MPS)) using Intel AMT SDK and run through the end-to-end flow of Fast Call for Help usage model.Part 1Part 2 Quick Primer: vPro Enabled Gateway is a piece of software intended to...
Intel AMT - Fast Call for Help
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 08/18/08 3
You must be thinking what will Intel AMT has to do with expediting the phone call when you need help. If so, you are not the only one confused with this name. "Fast Call for Help" is the name of the new feature released in the recently released Centrino 2 platform. Let me give you a preface to t...
WS-Management Translator for Intel AMT
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 06/04/08 0
You must be thinking why would AMT need a translator to talk WS-Man? Starting with AMT 3.0, Intel AMT can communicate WS-Man protocol along with the legacy SOAP based communication. WS-Management protocol is now industry standard and Intel jumped on the bandwagon starting last year with AMT 3.0 r...
Does AMT support WS-Man?
By Ajith Illendula (Intel) Posted on 12/13/07 8
Well yeah. Starting with AMT 3.0, both SOAP and WS-Man interfaces are supported. So what does WS-Man means? It stands for Web Services for Management. You can find more information about the standard here. How do you start working with it? WinRM is Microsoft's implementation of WS-Man and you can...