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Doctor Fortran in "Are We There Yet?"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 08/06/17 0
The Fortran 2015 standard is almost here, for larger values of "almost". The technical content is locked down and, at this point, only minor editorial changes are being allowed. A Committee Draft is currently out for ballot, with the results to be available in time for the next US committee (J3 o...
Doctor Fortran in "It Takes All KINDs"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 03/27/17 13
Recently there was an extended thread in the comp.lang.fortran newsgroup about Fortran KIND values, started by someone learning Fortran who had a basic misunderstanding of how they worked. Most of the advice in the thread was good, but there were some folk who, while very knowledgeable and whose expertise I admire, offered a suggestion I thought flat-out wrong. Thus begat this post.
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By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 12/30/16 0
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