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Doctor Fortran in "The End is Nigh"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 06/23/18 0
At the June 2018 meeting of the International Fortran Standards Committee (WG5) in Berkeley, California, we processed 84 comments received during the ISO ballot of the Draft International Standard (DIS). Many of these comments were editorial in nature, some asked for clarification of technical is...
Doctor Fortran in "And They're Off!"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 03/10/18 2
Two significant events happened recently in the Fortran world. As I wrote in Doctor Fortran in "DIS, Dat and Doze", the Draft International Standard for Fortran 2018 was submitted for country ballot back in January. There was an eight-week period for possible translations, though I don't know tha...
Doctor Fortran in "DIS, Dat and Doze"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 01/09/18 0
An important milestone in the birth of the new standard revision, Fortran 2018 (formerly Fortran 2015) is upon us! The Draft International Standard (DIS) has been submitted for country balloting. This is one of the final steps in the long process of developing a new standard, so we're almost ther...
Doctor Fortran in "Eighteen is the New Fifteen"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 11/20/17 0
When the international Fortran standards committee (WG5) met in 2012 to set a schedule for the next standard revision, the informal name of the standard was set to be "Fortran 2015". The schedule changed over the subsequent years, but the name stayed the same. The current schedule has the standard being published in the second half of 2018, which caused a question to be asked: "Should we perhaps think of changing the year number to something more current?"
Doctor Fortran in "Are We There Yet?"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 08/06/17 0
The Fortran 2015 standard is almost here, for larger values of "almost". The technical content is locked down and, at this point, only minor editorial changes are being allowed. A Committee Draft is currently out for ballot, with the results to be available in time for the next US committee (J3 o...
Doctor Fortran in "It Takes All KINDs"
By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 03/27/17 13
Recently there was an extended thread in the comp.lang.fortran newsgroup about Fortran KIND values, started by someone learning Fortran who had a basic misunderstanding of how they worked. Most of the advice in the thread was good, but there were some folk who, while very knowledgeable and whose expertise I admire, offered a suggestion I thought flat-out wrong. Thus begat this post.
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By Steve Lionel (Ret.) Posted on 12/30/16 0
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