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Consoles Are Dead; But Will Live as Certification Programs (Opinion)
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 10/13/15 0
Matt Ployhar shares some insights into what may be the early signs of "The Death of Consoles".
The Console Markets Dirty Little Secret
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 09/27/14 2
I'm always baffled by double standards; and with what's occurred in the Console industry over the past few years has been no exception.  Typically I'd make a comparison between the Console and PC gaming markets but this time around will forego that to keep this topic a bit more focused and succi...
Game On!
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 09/03/14 0
At Intel, we're always excited to be supporting our videogame developers. This summer, we had the opportunity to bring two of our popular #BuzzWorkshop series to San Francisco and Seattle where the best and brightest videogame developers with industry influencers met to address the challenges a...
2014 Intel Buzz Workshop Series
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 06/02/14 0
2014 Intel Buzz Workshop Series Be Innovation! HOLD THE DATE San Francisco - Wednesday, July 16th, 2014   The 2014 Intel Buzz Workshop series is back by popular demand! This series of community workshops is designed to help professional game developers tackle the gaming industry's biggest pro...
Intel at DICE Summit 2014
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 01/17/14 0
Intel is excited to announce that we’re the platinum sponsors for this year’s 2014 D.I.C.E. Summit! Please stop by the D.I.C.E. Arcade area to catch a glimpse into both Intel and Havok’s latest gaming platform directions, technologies, and solutions. Intel is proud to promote this year’s event th...
Opinion: Matt's Top 10 Tech & Gaming Predictions for 2014
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 12/31/13 2
Out with 2013 and in with 2014!!! So here are my top ten (10) predictions for technology and gaming related things in the coming new year.  I can hardly wait! 1) PC "Next"?  It's your SmartPhone!  Expect the specs and performance of these little buggers to make some very interesting baby steps,...
The Future of Gaming Certification Programs
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 12/10/13 0
Hi Everyone, I just soft-launched the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) 'Gaming Certified' Certification Program a few months ago; and thought I'd share some over-arching themes behind why we took the approach that we did on several fronts.  For those of you that'd like to dive into the details of that ...
The Ridiculous Tablet vs PC Debate
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 08/21/13 3
[Opinion: The Ridiculous Tablet vs. PC Debate that wasn't] Let me just get this out of the way so you know where I stand. Tablets are another PC form factor. It's just that simple. To claim otherwise comes off as trying to be sensationalistic to sell a story, naive, or possibly disingenous.  Soun...
How Intel's Haswell Disrupts the PC Ecosystem for the Better!
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 06/03/13 0
            I’m sure most of you have already heard a lot about Intel’s Haswell set of chipsets being publicly named the 4th Generation Core™ Processors with Intel® Iris™ and Intel® HD Graphics by now.   So I’ll take a slightly different tack than the types of reviews, blogs, or coverage I’m sur...
Avoid the PC nomenclature cliff! Get ready for the next gen of PCs!
By Matt Ployhar (Intel) Posted on 02/17/13 1
On a weekly basis I see or read some sort of craziness around what a PC is.   Seems pretty simple right?  After all... a PC = Personal Computing device.  However; the trap I see a lot of people falling into is that they are confusing the latest crop of personal computing devices - form vs. the fu...