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Project Alloy: 面向游戏开发人员的信息
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 11/09/16 0
在今年 8 月于旧金山举行的 2016 年英特尔信息技术峰会上,英特尔宣布了 Project Alloy - 一款一体化虚拟现实解决方案。  自此以后,游戏开发人员一直向我打听消息,了解他们如何参与相关的开发工作。  而我只掌握了有限的信息,可能并不比你们多,但我会将所知信息如数告知。   Alloy 平台使用针对 VR 用途优化的英特尔实感技术,可提供一系列新的沉浸式体验 – 被称为融合现实 (merged reality)。  目前,该平台正处于内部设计阶段,可能将于 2017 年提供给开发人员使用。   如需查看官方新闻公告,请访问:
Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – 2016 Runners Up
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 10/06/16 0
Each year we celebrate the winners of the Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest. This year’s field had both a large of number of submissions and was very deep with wonderful games that our internal screeners enjoyed play testing.  The strength of the field was evident through the intra-office argume...
Mitch moving on…but not too far
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 09/29/16 2
For the last seven years (nearly my whole professional career) I’ve had the privilege of working at Intel to serve the needs of game developers.
Event Recap: PAX West 2016
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 09/09/16 1
The Intel Booth at PAX West featured streamers, pro gamers, VR, indie games, and even a DJ and cooking!  Going to PAX and announcing the winners of our Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest is among my top three things I get to do each year. That has been the central focus of my participation in PAX ...
Project Alloy: Info for Game Devs
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 09/07/16 1
At the 2016 Intel Developer forum in San Francisco this August, Intel announced Project Alloy,  an all-in-one virtual reality solution.  Since then game devs have been asking me what I know and how they can get involved.  Quite transparently, what I know is limited – I probably know only as much ...
Winners of the 2016 Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 08/15/16 3
This year’s Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest fielded the largest number of submissions ever. The field was whittled down to 25 finalists by a team of screeners from Intel who work with the games industry. The finalists represented the top 5 games in each of the 5 genres. The finalists went on to the external panel of judges for scoring and selection. After careful evaluation and deliberation, the winners are…
Get yourself a Razer Blade Stealth!
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 07/22/16 0
This year was the first time we brought on a hardware partner for the Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest.  When we started the search for an OEM partner we were looking for a brand that is strong amongst gamers and game developers who had an exciting new system that utilizes Intel® Core™ i7 and Int...
Intel® Buzz Workshop comes back to Seattle for a 4th year in a row
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 06/28/16 0
When we started the Intel® Buzz Workshop series in 2013 the goal was to build community among local developers.  The first event was in the Seattle metro area, at the Intel office in Bellevue, WA.  For that first Buzz Workshop about 80 game devs, most of whom were friends of the Seattle based Int...
Need hardware for an event?
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 06/10/16 0
Intel Demo Depot Rentals Has You Covered I’m excited to share with you a new program that our Intel® Demo Depot team is rolling out!  We can now extend our rental services to external customers – aka you, the Game Developer!  If you have an event in the US that you need the highest quality moni...
2016 Intel® Level Up Contest – By the numbers
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 05/27/16 0
This blog summarizes the submissions to the 2016 Intel Level Up Game Dev Contest