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Intel® Array Building Blocks Virtual Machine specification available
By Stefanus Du Toit (Intel) Posted on 02/09/11 0
How time flies! Just over a year ago I posted a short article called A Data-Parallel Virtual Machine introducing the idea of a low-level layer to Intel® Array Building Blocks (formerly Ct Technology and RapidMind) that would allow people to very easily get access to the product from within langua...
The difference between multi-core and multi-processing
By Stefanus Du Toit (Intel) Posted on 04/17/08 3
This post was originally published on RapidMind was acquired by Intel Corporation in August of 2009, and the RapidMind Multi-core Platform will merge with Intel Ct technology. Before joining Intel as part of the acquisition, Stefanus was a co-founder of RapidMind. When discus...