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Intel Academic Community at SIGCSE 2012
By Abi Sundaram Posted on 04/04/12 1
Hello, from the Intel Academic Community Intern! It seems like just yesterday, the Intel Academic Community was prepping for SIGCSE 2012. Now, it has come and gone and in my opinion, could not have gone better! This year, I was given the unique oppurtunity to project manage Intel's booth at SIGC...
My First Experience Programming….in Parallel!
By Abi Sundaram Posted on 10/18/11 5
If you had ever told me that in the course of one summer I would be able to transform a piece of serial code into parallel code, I probably would have stared at the sky waiting to see a flying pig. Though a slight exaggeration, my attitude towards parallelism, as an undergraduate student (having ...
Preparing for Extreme Parallel Enviroments from a Student's Perspective
By Abi Sundaram Posted on 01/10/11 5
Every student (including me!) upon graduation hopes their University has prepared them with all the skills to beat out the applicant sitting next to them for a job. Before joining as an intern with the Intel Academic Community, my conception of parallelism was to the say the least hazy. It was so...