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Partnering with Intel: Mobile Development, Venture Capital, and Developing for Ultrabook™
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 03/01/13 2
  The Intel® Developer Zone is where you’ll find resources on how to sell apps, mobile app marketing and developing for the Ultrabook™ just to name a few. Many members of the Intel Developer Zone become Intel® Software Partners so they can take advantage of a number of opportunities at their d...
Using Social Media to Improve Website Rankings
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 03/01/13 2
For those interested in application development and mobile app marketing, SEO is key to driving traffic to a website. Michael Fleischner shares his tips on SEO to enhance the mobile app promotion strategy for app and software developers. With the pervasiveness of social media, search engines hav...
Highlighting the Best of the Web for Windows* 8 and Mobile Development
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 02/19/13 1
What are people saying about Windows* 8, mobile development, and software development? We headed out into the wild world of the Internet and rounded up our favorite posts below. Yes or No: Developing Windows 8 Apps The article “Windows 8 App development: A Burden or Breeze” has a great roundup ...
Taking your App to Market: The Who, What and How of Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 01/28/13 0
Your idea for a new mobile product is extremely valuable to you. But would it be valuable to others? How will you tell these people about it? How will you get it into their hands so they can see the value for themselves? These are the starting points for a go-to-market plan for apps and softwar...
For Software Developers: Start 2013 Strong By Protecting Digital Data from Cyber Threats
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 01/22/13 1
A surf shop in California loses 10 years of customer data because their computer systems weren’t secured. This data was encrypted with ransomware, a form of malware that allows the cybercriminal to hold it for ransom. The surf shop owner turned to McAfee’s Gary Davis, the vice president, global ...
Mobility of the Ultrabook™ Meets Innovative Software Rodismusic
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 12/06/12 0
Professional musician turned software developer creates software that leads to vast improvements in students
One Part Marketing Tool, One Part Innovation: The Beautify App from Smartience
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 12/06/12 0
Intel® Software Partner Smartience Utilizes Touch and Multicore Processors to Bring Beauty to the Digital World
Triggerfinger Software: Replacing Keyboards with Game Controllers
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 12/06/12 0
President of Triggerfinger Software Aims to Make Computers Accessible for All
Intel® Software Partner TikGames Sees the Future in Ultrabook™
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 11/09/12 0
TikGames didn’t need a crystal ball when they began developing their new games. The answers to what’s next in gaming came in the form of the Ultrabook™. “The Ultrabook is a monumental shift in the way people interact with their machines. For the first time on a PC, controls respond to touch, ges...
Touch-enabled Emotions with Reallusion Software
By Kevin Murphy Posted on 11/09/12 3
Optimizing CrazyTalk Animator for the Intel Ultrabook™ with help from the Intel® Developer Zone