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Driving Cloud Gaming Into the Mainstream
By Luis Fernando F. Posted on 09/20/16 1
A quick glance through all 2016 cloud gaming related news and articles is enough to realize how fundamentally divided game pundits are towards the streaming delivery model. On one side are the bulls. They espouse the sheer beauty of the concept: the world tends to digitalization, globalization, ...
How Gamestream Answers the Challenges of Cloud Gaming
By Ivan L. Posted on 09/20/16 0
The transformation of usage models from physical distribution to unlimited streaming of content is a trend that spans across all entertainment industries – from music to movies to gaming. However, each of these industries is at a different stage of this paradigm shift. Right now, only the music i...
Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories | September
By Vicky C. (Intel) Posted on 09/19/16 0
Code Sample: Earthquake Detector in JavaScript* for an Intel® Joule™ Development Platform This code sample shows you how to keep track of seismic data using a development platform and an assortment of extensible sensors. Introducing the Intel® Joule™ Module The Intel® Joule™ module offers ...
Open Source Software is Leading Us Into a Technical Utopia
By Charles F. (Intel) Posted on 09/16/16 0
By Chuck Freedman on September 16, 2016   It’s unlike anything else in any industry. Open source software can turn individual developers into influencers overnight. Free enterprises from decades-long licensing dependencies. Turn startups into publicly traded companies in no time. But it’s...
Phoenix Mobile and IoT Festival 2016
By WHITNEY F. (Intel) Posted on 09/15/16 1
Come join your fellow developers, enthusiasts, and makers for a fun-filled day of technology-focused talks at the Phoenix Mobile and IoT Festival. It is a free, all-day networking event to be held on Saturday, September 24th, at Grand Canyon University campus. A number of different technical sess...
Deprecating the PCOMMIT Instruction
By Andy R. (Intel) Posted on 09/12/16 0
The PCOMMIT instruction has been deprecated.
The Best of Modern Code | September
By Vicky C. (Intel) Posted on 09/12/16 0
Boost Performance and Energy Efficiency on HPC Workloads with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors Discover how optimizing code on the latest Intel® Xeon® processors E5 v4 and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors can help transform many core processing power into faster time to insight. Tencent* Optimizes an...
Event Recap: PAX West 2016
By Mitchell L. (Intel) Posted on 09/09/16 0
Figure 1 Intel Booth at PAX West featured streamers, ProGamers, VR, Indie Games, and even a DJ and cooking!  Going to PAX and announcing the winners of our Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest is amongst my top 3 things I get to do each year. That has been the central focus of my participation in PA...
Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) Tutorial Series: Looking ahead
By John M. (Intel) Posted on 09/09/16 0
Part 4 of the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) Tutorial Series will be coming out in the next few days. In it, we'll be starting our enclave implementation, focusing on the bridge/proxy functions for the enclave itself as well as the middleware layer needed for the C++ code to interact...
Intel Distribution for Python
By Robert C. (Intel) Posted on 09/08/16 0
I am pleased to announce the first product release of Intel® Distribution for Python* powered by Anaconda*. Why is Intel making a python distribution? We want python users to get the productivity they are accustomed to without having to compromise on performance. Our customers told us that it was...