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Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for October
By Vicky C. (Intel) Posted on 10/20/16 0
  Intel® IoT Developer Kit: Your Gateway to Commercial Cloud Solutions with Microsoft Azure* IoT Get a better out-of-the-box experience, access data easier, and rapidly move from prototype to product using the tel® IoT Developer Kit and Microsoft Azure* IoT Cloud Services Bringing Up Ardui...
SIGGRAPH 2016 Insights and Observations
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 10/17/16 1
At SIGGRAPH 2016, Intel presented sessions on occlusion culling, deep learning, high-dynamic range video, 360 video editing workflow for VR, and 4K video scaling. You can find the slides from these presentations on our SIGGRAPH Special Sessions page.
G7 Publishes Cybersecurity Guidelines for Global Finance
By Matthew R. (Intel) Posted on 10/14/16 1
The Group of Seven industrial powers wrote up a basic, yet foundational, cybersecurity strategy and operational framework document.  It is intended to be the building blocks of consistency across the financial sector and includes 8 basic elements of cybersecurity practice.  This 3 page paper, G...
The Visualization Toolkit, Enhanced by Software Defined Visualization
By David D. Posted on 10/13/16 2
Greetings, developers. My name is David DeMarle and I am a developer at Kitware. I’d like to discuss some of the work we’ve been doing recently with Intel and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Kitware is a software consulting company that primarily develops open source technologies. CMa...
Learn once, apply everywhere: Why React.js is today’s trending Web Dev technology
By David S. (Intel) Posted on 10/12/16 1
Having kids has been incredibly helpful in making me aware of the latest technology trends … like the Augmented Reality game Pokéman Go, which one of my daughters—an early adopter of whatever is "hot"—was playing well before it started trending in the news. (So I feel a little less like a fogey o...
The Best of Modern Code | October
By Vicky C. (Intel) Posted on 10/12/16 1
Intel® Modern Code Challenge Winners Come to CERN   Last week, winners of the Intel® Modern Code Challenge came to CERN. They met leading researchers and toured the laboratory’s world-leading facilities.  Read about their visit. Multithreaded Transposition of Square Matrices with Common Cod...
The Fab Five: Game Dev Zone Content | October
By Vicky C. (Intel) Posted on 10/10/16 0
How GameStream* Answers the Challenges of Cloud Gaming By leveraging advances in processors from Intel, the cloud gaming service from GameStream* offers players the ability to play the latest and greatest games online. OpenGL* Performance Tips: Avoid Calls that Synchronize a CPU and GPU To...
Intel® IoT Commercial Workshop Series - Helix® Device Cloud 2.1
By Vicky C. (Intel) Posted on 10/10/16 1
Intel® IoT Commercial Workshop Series - Helix® Device Cloud 2.1 Thursday, October 27 | 9:00 am - 10:00 am PST Join us for the fourth webinar in the Intel® IoT Commercial Workshop Series. In this session, IoT Developer Evangelist Daniel Holmlund will discuss The Helix® Device Cloud, an Intel...
Should Cybercrime Victims be Allowed to Hack-Back?
By Matthew R. (Intel) Posted on 10/10/16 1
Being hacked is a frustrating experience for individuals and businesses, but allowing victims to hack-back against their attackers is definitely a dangerous and ill-advised path. Compounding the issues is the apparent inability of law enforcement and governments to do anything about it.  Cyber...
Cybersecurity Bounty for iOS Zero-Day Exploits Rise to $1.5 Million
By Matthew R. (Intel) Posted on 10/07/16 0
Zerodium is offering a $1.5 million bounty for Apple iOS*10 zero-day exploits.  This is the latest in escalating vulnerability bounties to cybersecurity researchers. It may seem excessive, but this is a market driven by demand. Crowd-sourcing to fill such needs is becoming more popular, as it i...