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Embedded World: Getting Agile with Simulation
By Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Posted on 02/19/18 0
I have a show floor talk at the upcoming Embedded World in Nurnberg, the world’s premier “Embedded” show. At 10.00, on February 27, I will present “Getting Agile in Embedded Development using Simulation” in Hall 3. This talk is about how you can use simulation to get around the annoying “hard” ...
Expanding Intel’s Bug Bounty Program: New Side Channel Program, Increased Awards
By Rick Echevarria (Intel) Posted on 02/14/18 0
At Intel, we believe that working with security researchers is a crucial part of identifying and mitigating potential security issues in our products. Similar to other companies, one of the ways we’ve made this part of our operating model is through a bug bounty program. The Intel® Bug Bounty P...
-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]
By Coppock, Michael J (Intel) Posted on 02/14/18 1
RIVER VERSION: (Windows Driver Store Version DATE: February 13, 2018 Here are some of the benefits for developers in driver Enhanced performance of graphics workloads for 6th Gen Core processors or higher with intelligent power management under maximu...
Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for February
By Carman, Vicky (Intel) Posted on 02/13/18 0
This month we learn how to speed time-to-market with seamless edge-to-cloud IoT integration. We also help to troubleshoot your UP Squared* Grove IoT Development Kit connections, and learn to use the power of a personal assistant.
Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories February
By Carman, Vicky (Intel) Posted on 02/08/18 0
This month we add persistent memory to our line-up. Read more about image classification, visualization and fly with the latest VR wingsuit!
AI Student Ambassador Devinder Kumar: Applying Deep Learning in the Healthcare and Finance Sectors
By Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Posted on 02/07/18 0
The Intel® Student Ambassador Program was created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universities doing great work in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence space. I had the opportunity to get to know one of our student ambassadors, Devinder Kumar, and learn...
MeshCentral2 - Now with WebRTC support
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 02/05/18 0
MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. MeshCentral offers web based remote desktop, terminal and file transfer allowing administrators to access and remotely manage computers on the local network or over the Internet. So far, we had to relay the traffic fro...
Out of the Box Network Developer Newsletter February 2018
By Sujata T. (Intel) Posted on 02/02/18 0
This has been a busy month for the Out of the Box Network Developer group. The first meet-up of the year was held in Santa Clara and was well-attended. Planning for the upcoming DPDK Summit and Hands-on Lab in Bangalore is well underway, and we have a full calendar of topics and events for 2018, ...
Simulation Plays in the Gartner Top Ten Tech Trends for 2018
By Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Posted on 02/02/18 0
Image used with permission from   Simulation Plays in the Gartner Top Ten Tech Trends for 2018 The analyst firm Gartner has published a list of their “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends” for 2018. The list contains a wide range of trends, from specific technologies like Bl...
By Wendy Eimers Posted on 02/01/18 0
Embedded World Showcases New Intel® IoT Dev Tools that Reduce Complexity and Accelerate Prototyping  In late February more than 30,000 of the world’s IoT innovators, decision-makers and influencers will converge on Nuremburg, Germany for Embedded World 2018.  It will be their opportunity to lay ...